Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Ranbir assumes Shahana is pregnant.

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi apologizing to her baby for stressing her and she promises to baby that she won’t let anything wrong happen to her and she decides to punish family members who deceived her. Jai informs Ranbir that Prachi got arrested. Ranbir asks him to book his return ticket saying his meeting is not important as Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi if they can take Badi maa help but Prachi denies. Constable asks Shahana to leave but she asks her to give her some time but they deny. Shahana offers to bribe them then they lock her in the same cell. Jai informs Ranbir that he booked the next morning flight as there is no flight in the night. 

Rhea removes Prachi’s things to burn them but Pallavi stops her. Pallavi advises Rhea to let Ranbir throw Prachi things then Prachi will get a message that she is no one to him so concentrate on Ranbir and if he accepts you then Prachi can’t do anything. Rhea agrees. Pallavi calls Ranbir and gets to know he was out of Delhi. The next day Jai came to Vikram’s house for files. Ranbir returns to India and thanks Jai for informing him. Pallavi overhears their conversation and she asks her husband to do something. Vikram leaves saying he can’t remove Prachi from Ranbir’s thoughts. Ranbir feels sad seeing Prachi’s state and he argues with Inspector to release Prachi from lockup. Inspector puts him behind bars. Prachi and Ranbir fight with each other. Shahana asks them to stop but they won’t thdn Lady in the cell says don’t scold her as she is pregnant. Ranbir feels surprised.

Aliya advises Pallavi to hide Ranbir helping Prachi matter from Rhea and they plan to arrange the best Lohri for Rhea. Ranbir asks Shahana if she is pregnant. Lady says yes as I heard their conversation. Ranbir hugs Shahana and Prachi for the good news. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir asks why you’re looking emotional, we have to celebrate it. Lady says she is pregnant without marriage that’s why worried. Constable releases them as Lawyer arrives with bail then they leaves to home. Ranbir asks Shahana to stay with them until Saritha returns to Mumbai. 

Pallavi tells this is special Lohri as Rhea and Ranbir got married this year and she tells the new couple will take rounds around Lohri for their longevity of the relationship. Rhea feels excited. Ranbir helps Shahana. She says she is fine still he helps her saying he loves kids and tells her about his dreams. That time he gets flashes of his moments with Prachi. Prachi asks if he is fine. Ranbir says I’m not getting what but I feel I had this moment with you and reading some letter. Prachi thinks about their encounter then she asks him to stop his nonsense as he already told her. 

Ranbir questions if she feels his dreams as nonsense. Prachi says dreams won’t be fulfilled and you’re getting scared of being exposed as you did mistakes. Ranbir asks her to live in the past saying he won’t love and care for her. Prachi says well I’m not the Prachi whom you loved. Ranbir says exactly as you become worse that nobody in the world can fall for you,  I tried to solve problems but you behave like I created problems in your life. Prachi says you’re responsible for my problems and you deserved my treatment as I knew you were showing fake love and care. Ranbir says fine, let’s write a new chapter, Now onwards you won’t see me and my love. He enters inside the home in anger.

Rhea feels happy after seeing him but her happiness turns to anger seeing Prachi and she tells Ranbir that she is angry with him for bailing out Prachi. Ranbir vents his frustration in front of family members saying these sisters had their differences and they are planning and plotting against each other which is ruining the peace of the family and he scolds Rhea for keeping their family reputation at stake by filing the case against Prachi and he scolds his parents too. Pallavi and Vikram feels regret for not releasing Prachi then Rhea thinks to prove she is the wife of Ranbir, not Prachi. 

Rhea confronts Prachi saying you don’t want to stay with him and not letting me stay with him, it was difficult to understand you. Prachi says everyone understands you and you did wrong by calling the police without thinking about the Reputation of family. Rhea tells she cares for her victory. Prachi tells you’re not seeing I won as im in front of you because Ranbir bailed me out by returning to India by leaving his important meeting as he loves me. Rhea tells Ranbir didn’t love you and he bailed out you for the reputation of the family and very soon you will be out from this house too as I’m his wife and daughter in law of this house and tomorrow is Lohri and witness when he is becoming mine. Prachi looks on. Rhea says Ranbir is mine so leave this house before Lohri as I don’t want you to feel the pain that’s why I’m giving advice and she leaves. Prachi asks the baby to not take Rhea’s words seriously.

Ran it returns home after having a conversation with some stranger and he is about to fall by tripping but Prachi holds him on time. Both lost in each other. Ranbir asks her to leave him saying he doesn’t need her help. Prachi says she doesn’t want to help. Ranbir says you want to ruin my life right? You’re achieving it and do what you like and I will do what you like. He leaves in tears. Prachi also leaves her room in tears and thinks I want to tell you about the baby but our past is stopping me from revealing it, I dreamed of many things for our baby but you ruined everything. Ran it sees Shahana and asks if she needs any help. Shahana says I don’t need your help but listen to me carefully that’s enough and I will be in guilt if I don’t tell you about this baby as you are the only one who shall know about this baby. Ranbir looks on. 

In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness that Shahana will asks Prachi to tell Ranbir about his baby then Prachi says she will tell now itself. Later Prachi touches Vikram’feet and he blesses her and wishes happy lohri to her. Prachi gets emotional. Pallavi and Aliya looks shocked.

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