Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Ranbir divorced Rhea.

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Lawyer asking Ranbir to rethink his decision. Ranbir says I’m giving her properties so she can forget me in that greed. The lawyer tells properties that he is naming in Rhea’s name. Alia hears it. Ranbir asks Lawyer to prepare papers in 1 hour. Prachi says to Pallavi that Ranbir won’t do it. Pallavi says think what you want but the truth is Ranbir is doing it with his wish and he wants to send you to the house where you love.

Prachi goes to confront Ranbir. Stanley informs Ranbir that Alia heard his conversation with Lawyer. They go to search for Alia. Alia reveals to Rhea that Ranbir naming major shares of his property in her name. Rhea reveals that Ranbir is planning to oust Prachi from the house. Stanely and Ranbir notice Alia and Rhea are looking so happy.

Ranbir says it’s the right time to talk with Rhea. Supriya calls Ranbir and tells him that Sudha felt insulted and we are leaving so come and stop her. Ranbir agrees. Prachi tells Ranbir that he needs to talk with him. Ranbir leaves saying later. Rhea asks Prachi to talk with her and takes her with her.

Ranbir explains everything to Sudha and gives her a cheque. Rhea warns Prachi to leave the house telling Ranbir is going to propose to her. Prachi reveals to her that she is pregnant.
Ranbir and Stanely search for the envelope. Pallavi gets to know he is searching for the envelope and tells him that she made Rhea keep that envelope in his cupboard. Prachi requests Rhea to leave Ranbir for her baby’s future.

Rhea denies it and pushes her. Prachi comes out of her imagination. Rhea says to Prachi that Ranbir bought a rented apartment where you guys used to stay to make you leave from here. Prachi tries to leave seeing Ranbir. He says he went to talk to Seema about an important matter. Prachi recalls Rhea’s words and asks Ranbir if there is a ring in his pocket.

Ranbir asks why she cares. Prachi asks if he bought their rented house. Ranbir agrees. She asks if he bought it for her? Ranbir thinks she is jealous. He tells her he bought it for Rhea. Rhea hears it from the door and feels happy. Prachi gets angry and leaves from there telling him he can never understand her. Ranbir feels happy to see her jealousy.
Rhea takes the envelope to her room. She tells Alia that Ranbir is buying an apartment for me. Alia asks how she is so sure. Rhea tells she heard it from Ranbir and he wants to make new memories with her. Rhea is about to open the envelope but she drops it seeing Pallavi.

They go downstairs. Stanley takes that envelope. Ranbir tells Vikram about Prachi’s pregnancy and his plan to divorce Rhea but he realises Vikram has passed out. He then tries to tell Rhea about divorcing her by sitting on his knees.

Rhea assumes he is going to propose to her and asks him to make her wear a ring telling her the answer is yes. Prachi witnesses them in stock and leaves from there and packs her bags.
Ranbir follows Prachi and stops her from leaving the Kohli mansion taking a suitcase from her. She goes out to look for another bag. Stanley tells Ranbir that it’s tough to take Rhea’s sign. Ranbir plans to drug Rhea with Stanley’s help. Vikram and Dida discuss their hangover feeling.

Pallavi confronts Dida about the things she does in her intoxicated state. Vikram saves his mother saying it may happen in her drunken state. Ranbir asks Stanely to make Rhea drink the pill if he gets failed in his plan. Stanley agrees. Ranbir gives spiked juice to Rhea. Rhea tells him she will drink it later.

Ranbir signs Stanley. Stanely goes to a room and comes out as a waiter. Shahana suspects him and follows him. Rhea dances with Ranbir. Prachi feels hurt and tries to leave. Dida asks where is she leaving. Prachi says she can’t see it.

Ranbir start to dance with Prachi leaving Rhea. Everyone claps for their performance. Next Ranbir dances with everyone. Rhea says it’s amazing. Ranbir takes her to drink some juice. He takes Juice from Stanley and asks her to drink. Rhea sees Prachi and asks him to give it to her with love.

Ranbir does it. Prachi looks on.
Ranbir makes Rhea drink the spiked juice. Ranbir in happiness hugs Stanely and tells him I love you. Dida misunderstands the scenario and thinks they are like the Dostana couple and blames Pallavi for it. Shahana tells Prachi that she feels Ranbir is doing something in her favor. Prachi says Ranbir will make everyone trusts him but it’s a waste to trust him anymore.

They hear Rhea smiling voice. Prachi sees Ranbir is going to room with Rhea. Ranbir asks Rhea to sign the papers for their happiness. Rhea asks Ranbir to kiss her if he wants her to sign. Prachi hears it. Ranbir holds her face and leaves saying he can’t. Rhea says you kissed me. Ranbir says yes.

Prachi enters the room and tells Ranbir that he can’t lie to her anymore and tells him that she is leaving and asks him to kiss Rhea. Ranbir is about to go behind her. Rhea asks where she needs to sign. Ranbir shows her where she needs to sign.

Rhea signs the divorce papers. Stanley sees Prachi and Shahana are leaving the home and follows them hiring a cab when he couldn’t contact Ranbir. Ranbir in happiness goes to meet Prachi and notices her room is empty.
In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness Rhea will feel dizzy and falls unconscious. Everyone will take her to the hospital. Doctor will tell to everyone that there is good news and reveals Rhea is pregnant. Prachi and Ranbir will stand in a shock.

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