Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Ranbir saves Prachi by submitting the proof of her innocence.

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Rhea and Aliya demand for Prachi’s arrest. Ranbir says no need to arrest Prachi as we had issues and she loosened railing screws for me and I don’t want to file any case on her. Prachi tells she doesn’t need anyone’s support as she was not at home at that time. Inspector asks Prachi to prove her innocence within 5 days otherwise they will take action against her. They return home. Pallavi asks why the police didn’t arrest Prachi. Ranbir says Police gave her 5 days and we can’t call her culprit until it’s proved so don’t call her Culprit. Later Prachi confronts Ranbir and asks if he believes she did wrong. Ranbir says it doesn’t matter what I think in this matter as it matters what the court and Police think. Prachi asks who kept the tool kit in her room. Ranbir asks if she is suspecting him. Prachi says you’re right that our issue gets increased if we talk. She leaves. Sahana meets Ranbir and tells him to save Prachi who’s innocent. Ranbir calls someone for help. Aliya instigates Pallavi against Prachi. Another side Rhea warns Prachi to leave the house.

Pallavi meets Ranbir and asks why he changed into a heartless person. Ranbir tells her that he is helpless, not heartless. Pallavi says Prachi doesn’t care about us like Rhea and I don’t want to see Prachi in this house. Ranbir says Prachi will stay in this house until she wants. Pallavi leaves without hearing him. Later Prachi follows Ranbir and finds he hired a private detective for investigation. She fights with Ranbir. Rhea notices their fight from the steps. Pallavi asks what’s happening. Prachi asks her to find it from her son. Ranbir asks why she doing drama. Pallavi calls Prachi a mannerless girl. Prachi says if truthfulness is called mannerless, you are right, you will see less mannerless girls like me. Rhea comes to Pallavi and asks her to not talk anything in front of Ranbir as he can’t see anything against Prachi. She asks why he is taking Prachi’s side. Ranbir asks her to know it from Prachi. Prachi says it doesn’t matter as you married Rhea. Ranbir says I did as you left me. Prachi says you didn’t leave any option to me saying we have no relationship. 

Ranbir asks why she return to the house she left. She touches her mangalsutra and says until it is with me, I will stay here. Rhea asks her to stop acting as her sin won’t get reduced by blaming others. She acts like feeling dizzy. Ranbir supports her. Prachi tells Rhea that she is acting like a professional. Pallavi warns to slap her. Shahana takes Prachi with her. Vikram warns Pallavi to maintain her dignity. Later Vikram advises Ranbir to elope with Prachi. Ranbir tells him Prachi rejected the idea. once their misunderstanding is cleared. Prachi will come herself and ask him to take her away from here. Shahana says to Prachi that she will leave the house and ask Prachi to come with her for her baby’s safety. 

The private detective gives his update to Ranbir by calling him. Ranbir asks him to keep him in the loop. Rhea says sorry for Ranbir as because of her Prachi is fighting with him. Ranbir says this happens all the time and fights only happen only when they love each other. Rhea says people fight only when there is no hope. Ranbir asks if it is like her relationship with Sid. Rhea says she has no relationship with Sid. Rhea asks why is he contradicting himself. You want to prove your point that you and Prachi are fighting with each other because you both want to save your relationship. Vikram suggests Pallavi to stop thinking. Let the kids solve their problems. Dida makes Ranbir and Prachi drink coffee with her. Rhea gets angry and she insists that Pallavi get Prachi arrested otherwise Prachi and Ranbir get reunited if we won’t stop them then you will become her mother in law. Pallavi says she won’t let it happen. She calls the cops. Inspector arrives and says they came for Prachi. 

Vikram asks how can they arrest Prachi as they gave her time to prove her innocence. Inspector says Prachi can prove her innocence from lockup by hiring a Lawyer or detective or near one help n we can’t afford any risk to Rhea’s life. The Police leave without arresting Prachi after Ranbir presents proof of her innocence. Later Rhea accuses Prachi of stealing her mangalsutra and tries to snatch Prachi. Prachi warns Rhea and preaches to Rhea about the importance of Mangalsutra and nobody can take it away. Not even you or Ranbir can take it away. Prachi tries to go from there. Alia stops her by saying it is your habit to turn round and round and suppress the main topic. Pallavi stops her and says she also thinks she made the theft of Rhea’s Mangalsutra and asks her to give it back. Prachi says to ask her irresponsible Rhea as she lost it. Pallavi says Rhea is not irresponsible if you think she is why don’t you help her by finding it. If you did find it Rhea will apologize to you. Prachi agrees. 

Ranbir asks Prachi if what she said does she mean it or just said it like that. Prachi says what she said is right as she learned it from her mother. Prachi also points out she said it is because of responsibility not because of love and when there is no love there is no relationship between us. Hearing it Ranbir has tears in his eyes. Seeing it Prachi turns away from him. Ranbir sees the Mangalsutra in the towel in Rhea’s room. Ranbir points to it by saying. Prachi brings Mangalsutra and gives it to Rhea. Ran it testifies for her. Prachi asks Rhea to apologise to her.


In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness Rhea will say I wanted Prachi to be sad and wanted her to be in pain so I will insult her a lot, so that she couldn’t get up in her own sight. Vikram will tell Dida that Ranbir has left home. Everyone will get shocked. Prachi will tell Shahana that whatever she told about her mangalsutra was true, it is her everything. Some goons will attack Prachi and asks her to give her mangalsutra to them. Prachi will get scared and drops the aarti plate. 

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