Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Ranbir suspects Prachi is pregnant?

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir placing Prachi onthe sofa and he asks Shahana to get a first aid kit. Prachi tells himshe doesn’t need his care. Ranbir brings the first aid box. Prachiwarns to call the police if he touches her. Dida asks why she calls Police when he is just helping her. Prachi says he can’t touch mewithout my permission. Pallavi and Aliya asks Ranbir to leave it butRanbir asks her to call Police and he applies ointment to her wound.Prachi calls the police. Pallavi takes Vikram aside and asks him todo something as Prachi has a problem with Ranbir’s care. Vikramsays it’s a typical fight between couples.

Inspector arrives at their place then Ranbir says he just helpedPrachi for his wife as he doesn’t want Prachi to blame his wife forher state. Inspector leaves after warning  Prachi to not waste theirtime for silly complaints. Ranbir goes to sleep after telling goodnight to Rhea. Pallavi apologizes to the guests then said it’s goodthat everyone finds how much Ranbir loves his wife Rhea. Everyoneleaves. Vikram tells Dida that Ranbir did it for Prachi and not forRhea. Other side Rhea feels delighted that Ranbir called her baby and he did everything for her and she shares her happiness withAliya that Ranbir becomes hers. Prachi in tears thinks to stay awayfrom Ranbir as she doesn’t want to trap in his care again.

Later Prachi feels pain in her tummy and she tries to take the glassbut it falls. Prachi calls Doctor Madhu and tells her that she isfeeling uneasy. Doctor asks her to visit the hospital at 11 am withher file. Next Madhu calls Ranbir and asks him to collect his mom’smedicine at 11.30 am. Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room and takes hisclothes then he asks if her health is fine seeing the broken glass.Prachi tells she doesn’t need his support and closes door on his face.Next day, Rhea tells Pallavi that it was a memorable Lohri to herand she asks Ranbir if he remembers whatever happened last nightor if he forgot. Ranbir tells her he remembers everything and calls her baby then he leaves. 

Prachi and Ranbir leave for the hospital. Ranbir offers a lift toPrachi but she denies and leaves in a cab. Doctor Madhu checks Prachi’s condition and she asks Prachi to stay away from the stress. She asks her to call her husband but Prachi manages her saying he isbusy but took good care of me. Doctor realizes she was lying seeingher tears. Ranbir comes to take medicines. Receptionist asks Ranbirto wait as the Doctor is checking the pregnant lady but he goes to Doctors cabin and collects the medicines. Prachi tries to leavebefore he caught her but she collides with him then he asks if she ispregnant? She didn’t answer him properly then he asks doctorMadhu to tell him if Prachi is pregnant as she is his wife. Madhudenies saying her patient details to him and asks him to know fromPrachi.

Prachi leaves from there then Ranbir follows her and insists toreveal the truth to him. Prachi tells him he doesn’t have any right onher. Ranbir questions her in which right she is staying at his placeand claiming the relations. Prachi leaves asking him to think whathe wants and she promises the baby to take good care of her.Shahana asks her to reveal the truth but Prachi denies it. Dida comes there and asks why she looks scared? Then she says you don’t needto tell me that secret so don’t feel bad as I just want your happiness.Prachi apologizes to Dida telling her she hid one thing from her.Dida asks her to tell when she feels it’s the correct time. Ranbircomes there to meet Dida and she asks him to not disturb Prachi. Later Prachi fights with Rhea to divert Ranbir’s attention from herpregnancy.  Rhea tells Prachi that if the law is lifted for 10 mins,then I will kill you now itself. Prachi says you both have a goodunderstanding which is good for you and I don’t want to hideanything like you have hidden the truth from me. Ranbir askswhat?Prachi says my sister’s marriage with my husband.

Prachi hides her reports in a drawer. Vikram tells to Ranbir that he isa good husband but not a good Dad as he didn’t support him in Prachi matter. both gets drunk. Ranbir tells they have to sleep as it’s getting late. Drunk Ranbir goes to Prachi room and thinks you don’t like me to drink so tell me then I will never touch the drink as I love you and please tell me how much you love me, I know you won’t tell me and he feels headache and he tries to open the drawer to take medicine. Prachi stops him and asks what he wants. Ranbir falls in her lap. She gets shocked but then says Bablu and he locks the drawer with the key and sleeps in that way. Aliya comes to Kitchen for water and she sees Ranbir is sleeping in Prachi’s lap then she calls Pallavi and shows her how Ranbir is sleeping on Prachi’s lap. Pallavi gets angry. Aliya asks her to bring Rhea and Ranbir closer if she can’t separate Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi says you’re correct. Next morning Prachi wakes up and recalls last night’s incident. Ranbir confronts Prachi for taking medicines for Baby growth and if any woman takes it then that means she is pregnant. Prachi gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness that Aliya and Pallavi will tell Rhea that she is going to honeymoon. Rhea gets happy. Prachi will say when you think that I am pregnant then you will ask if I am pregnant with Siddharth’s baby which makes Ranbir gets angry and raises his hand on her. Prachi will get shocked

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