Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Rhea refuses to divorce Ranbir.

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir and Prachi talking about how they are going to be with their newborn child. Rhea plans to involve Prachi and then Prachi herself will stop Rhea from signing the divorce papers.

Rhea tries to talk to Ranbir and she argues with him. Everyone tries to stop her then she slaps Shahana and pushes Daljeet. Pallavi comes and asks Rhea to leave the house.

Rhea says this is my house and Ranbir is my husband then Pallavi brings the divorce documents and asks her to sign the divorce papers.

Prachi talks in Rhea’s defense but Rhea makes it worse by slandering Ranbir. Prachi reveals how Rhea took advantage of Ranbir.

Pallavi threatens Rhea to sign the documents or she will tell the police that she was the one who helped the kidnapper. Pallavi apologizes to Ranbir. Rhea signs the documents and says don’t be too happy I will be back.

Pallavi throws Rhea out. Rhea wakes up saying she won’t leave Prachi. Rhea thinks thank God it’s just a dream. She goes out and notices Ranbir is sleeping beside Prachi holding her hand.

She throws the vase in anger. Later Ranbir and Prachi wake up from their sleep. Ranbir tells her he slept while taking care of her and didn’t cross the limit and shows her that pillow is between them.

Prachi smiles. She says he can sleep in the bed. Both stare at each other. Aryan teases them. Rhea wakes up Shaina and Alia. She tells them about her nightmare. Alia asks if she has any plan.

Rhea tells them about her plan. Alia says this plan might work or they need to leave the house forever. Rhea says they need to play this move.

Pallavi on call thanks the person for sending papers on an urgent basis. Vikram asks her about it. Pallavi says they are divorce papers to make Prachi feel secure. She asks him to trust her. Vikram agrees. Someone presses the calling bell.

Rhea opens the door and gets to know it’s a courier for Pallavi. She goes to call Pallavi. Alia stops Rhea and takes the courier as Pallavi. Rhea opens the courier and notices the divorce papers in shock. Daljeet asks who came. Rhea hides papers.

Daljeet asks what is she hiding. Pallavi asks her what happened. Daljeet says Rhea is hiding something. Rhea says I thought you will change but you brought these papers. Vikram asks they are the same right?

Pallavi says yes. Dida asks what’s happening. Rhea tears the divorce papers and tells Pallavi you have made your decision, and now I made my decision right on your face. She throws torn divorce papers on Pallavi.

Pallavi gets angry and raises her hand to slap Rhea. Alia holds Pallavi’s hand. Others look on worried
Alia warns Pallavi to never raise her hand at Rhea otherwise we will file a domestic violence case.

Pallavi says they know what her intentions are. Rhea says the matter is ended and I won’t divorce Ranbir. Pallavi says she is doing a mistake.

Ranbir asks them to stop. He says he wants a divorce. Ranbir brings papers and says I have taken divorce from Rhea. He asks her to leave the house. Everyone gets shocked.

Alia reaches someplace. Where she takes some parcel from hoodie man. Rhea announces she won’t leave the house at any cost. She asks Ranbir when she signed the papers.

Ranbir tells her he took her sign at the merger party by spiking her drink as she did with Prachi. Rhea burns divorce papers and she blames Prachi for Ranbir’s behavior.

Daljeet asks Rhea how can she stay in a loveless marriage and legally Ranbir is Prachi’s husband, not yours. Alia comes there and praises Dida’s point. She says you guys will be punished for keeping Rhea in dark. Prachi says Rhea knows that we are not divorced.

Rhea says to everyone that she believes in marriage rituals and she is married to Ranbir. Vikram says let’s just sit down and talk by arguing like this we will not get anywhere. Pallavi tries to take Rhea to a side and talk to her but Alia stops Pallavi. She says you insulted infront of everyone then you have to talk in front of everyone.

Pallavi reveals that Prachi’s pregnancy is complicated the doctor told me about it. Pallavi apologizes to Prachi for revealing this. Alia also asks Rhea to reveal the truth. Rhea says sorry to Prachi and says she has to reveal this.

Rhea says if Prachi went out of the house so she will be with her unborn child’s father who is none other than Sid. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir takes a stand for Prachi. Prachi slaps Rhea for accusing her character.

Rhea shows them some proofs. Ranbir doesn’t believe them. Rhea says Sid’s call is not connecting otherwise he will reveal the truth. Vikram says he has Sid’s number.

He calls Sid and asks him to return home asap. Ranbir asks everyone to give their phones to him so no one can. have a chance to manipulate Sid.

Ranbir locks everyone’s mobiles and gives the keys to Daljeet. Rhea and Alia feel tense and they end up arguing with each other. Prachi asks Ranbir why didn’t he asks her anything even after gearing Rhea’s accusations.

Ranbir says my heart gave me a testimony that you are innocent so I don’t need anything else. Rhea gets worried and says to Alia that she will kill herself. Alia says if someone has to die then it will be Prachi. Rhea goes away.

Pallavi says to Prachi everyone supports her. Vikram also seconds her. Shahana feels happy seeing the way Prachi is getting family support. Vikram gets a call. Sid informs him that his flight is canceled and He will come on the next flight which is on tomorrow.

Vikram asks him to switch off his phone. Sid listens and switches off his phone. Vikram says he told Sid to switch off his phone so that Noone can talk to him and we can use our phones.

Prachi rebukes Rhea and announces she will do a DNA test. Ranbir says there is no need. Prachi says it’s needed to shut some people. Rhea tries to talk to Ranbir but Ranbir acts like he is not interested in talking.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness Ranbir will carry Prachi in his arms. Prachi will say to Ranbir, you always pick me up whenever I’m about to fall that’s why I’m irresponsible.

Ranbir will say I would call it trust. Rhea and Alia will plan to kill Sid. Alia will meet local goons and she will ask them to kill Sid when he lands at the airport.

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