Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 11th November 2019: Aliya oust Prachi but Ranbir supports her

The episode starts with Aliya asking Prachi that how will she prove herself innocent as she removed his shirt and answer for it. Prachi says that she was feeling giddiness and his shirt came on her way so she removed it. Sanju too acts supporting Prachi but Aliya shuts him. Prachi is about to explain herself when Aliya says that she didn’t call her here to hear her out but to show her mom her true face. She says that let her mom see her character too. She asks her to phone her mom.

Pragya sees Purab in his car. Prachi denies calling her mom when Priyanka calls her for Aliya. Pragya doesn’t pick uo the call and snatches Shahana mobile to call her but still she doesn’t pick up. Pragya sees the call but ignores as Purab is more important now. She asks Purab to come out. Aliya says that seems her busy and everyone badmouths Prachi. Dadi asks them to leave but Aliya denies saying that she did mistake in front of everyone in her house and should be taught a lesson in front of everyone too. Rhea also asks her to leave the issue but Aliya denies it.

Aliya asks why’s she not calling her mom and asks if she’s afraid that her true face will come in front of her mom or is it because everyone gets to know that it’s your mom who asked you to trap rich boys. Prachi gets shocked hearing it. Rhea acts supporting Prachi mom. Aliya says that she or her mom can’t leave without answering her. Prachi asks her not to involve her mom in this as she’s no where at fault here. She says that she only fed her good values and to respect relations and asks her to not insult her mom. She begs to spare her mom and dadi and everyone feels bad for her.

Shahana is searching for Abhi crying for help but couldn’t find him. Abhi and Ritik are in the car have a conversation about Disha. Ritik says that he want to make Disha his girlfriend not because he wanted girlfriend but he’s in need of girlfriend. Abhi meets the constable who takes selfie with him. In the meantime Disha calls Ritik and Ritik bids bye saying that Disha called him and she’s furious at him.

Sanju tries saying that they are innocent but none believes him. Aliya asks Prachi to leave the house and Prachi searches for Shahana. Aliya throws her out and Ranbir asks for a second. He says he want to say something. His family tries stopping him but he doesn’t listen. Prachi thinks that even he’s going to blame her like others.

Shahana is searching for Abhi and Priyanka tries stopping her from helping Prachi. A fight ensues between both. Ranbir scolds everyone for badmouthing about Prachi shocking everyone. He supports her and asks her to raise her voice against this so called society. He says that his whole family believes her but still is afraid of society. Ranbir argues against Aliya for Prachi. He stands up for Prachi and scolds everyone who insulted her. He says that he stands by Prachi.