Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 12th November 2019: Abhi and Ranbir turns savior for Prachi

The episode starts with Ranbir asking Prachi about what happened. Prachi says that after having the drink she got dizzy. She explains what happened and Rhea and the culprits panic. Ranbir decodes that someone has mixed something in her drink. Aliya finds Rhea tensed and doesn’t want Prachi to be proved innocent, so he pretends to let her go. Abhi comes there and Prachi hugs him crying. He asks her not to cry and asks to lock the main gate. Shahana too hugs him crying. He asks Prachi and Sanju to identify the waiter who brought the drinks for them.

Prachi comes to Priyanka and says about Dad being there for investigation. He asks everyone to stand on line. Rhea and Priyanka panics over it. They get worried for the waiter to get them caught. Rhea prays God to save her somehow. Abhi calls Rhea to come down and she leaves with Priyanka.

Aliya comes to Abhi and apologizes for behaving spontaneous to the situation without thinking about anything. She says that she saw the video and reacted getting shocked but Rhea handled it in a mature way. She says that Rhea immediately switched off the video before any insults could happen in front of guests. Abhi calls Rhea near him and hugs her proud. Priyanka gets worried that if she gets caught then everything will be ruined including her love life with Rishi.

Chachi praises Pallavi for Ranbir’s smart act. She says that he supported the right and stood up for Prachi when others couldn’t. Ranbir says that he did what he felt is right. His daadi calls him cool and awesome. Sanju is worried about getting caught. Abhi sends both Prachi and Sanju for identifying the waiter. Sanju sees him but just passes by so that he doesn’t get caught. However Prachi  identifies him and he tries running away but everyone catches him. Rhea, Priyanka and Sanju panics and Abhi beats him nad to reveal the truth. He accepts his crime and says that he will say the person name.

On the other side Pragya asks Purab if he’s fine. He apologizes for crying but she says that it’s OK to cry once in while but not on the day of Diwali. He says that you fo know that he’s now separating  from Disha right and asks if she know the reason for it. She nods yes and he asks if she trust her. She couldn’t answer it.

The waiter is about to reveal the person when Priyanka sees a knife and injures herself diverting everyone attention. In the mean time on Rhea’s guidance the waiter keeps the knife on her neck and escapes. Ranbir runs after him but he escapes.