Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 14th November 2019: Priyanka warns Rhea about Ranbir’s growing closeness with Prachi

The episode starts with Aliya asking Rhea and Priyanka that whose plan is this. They both pretended as if they couldn’t understand what she’s saying. Aliya says that she’s sure the idea is Priyanka. Rhea accepts that it’s both of their idea. She asks have they lost their mind. She says that in the process of putting down Prachi they put themselves down. She asks what would’ve happened if Abhi gets to know the truth. She warns Priyanka to not manipulate Rhea mind once again and she accepts. Rhea too promises to behave from then. Aliya says that she cares about her and doesn’t want her in trouble. Rhea agrees and leaves. Aliya decides to find a solution for this problem.

Rhea says Priyanka that bua is right and imagine what would’ve happened to them if the waiter got caught. Priyanka asks her to worry more about her father and her boyfriend who’s slowly going away from them. She asks did she see how her boyfriend stood up for Prachi. Everything was going according to their plan but he spoiled everything. She says that Ranbir as started liking Prachi more and asks her to concentrate on it and leaves. Rhea gets thinking.

Prachi is lost when Shahana comes there. She asks her what happened and is she still thinking about what happened in the party. She says that she don’t want to think about and want to forget about it. Shahana says that Ranbir is a true friend and he proved it. When everyone was blaming her he’s the only one who stood for her and questioned everyone and also asks them to apologize to her for speaking ill about her. Prachi agrees and says that that’s the reason she’s feeling so vulnerable and guilty for misunderstanding him. She asks her to meet him tomorrow and ask sorry say thank you too for his help. They calls Pragya who says that she’s on the way. Prachi asks her to come soon as she’s missing her and she agrees. Purab too gets Aliya’s call and they both leave.

Abhi thanks Meera for calling him on time. Meera says that none can understand Prachi as much as he does and that’s the reason she called him. She says that don’t know who’s playing such cheap games with such a nice girl like Prachi. Abhi says that all this while he thought its Rhea who’s troubling Prachi but it seems that its Priyanka. Meera gets confused but Abhi asks her to let it go.

Rhea is lost in Priyanka’s words about Ranbir and Ranbir sees her. Ranbir asks her what ha and she says that she knows Prachi is innocent and alk but what’s tye need to support her so much she says that she thought ge dislikes her. Ranbir says that he fo find Prachi irritating but that doesn’t mean he will keep quite when her character is questioned. He says that he will do the same for any girl in that condition. Rhea apologizes for doubting him in jealous and he hugs her. Prachi and Pragya share an emotional moment.