Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 15th November 2019: Court room drama ensures in Rishi and Priyanka molestation case

The episode starts with Abhi getting a message from Pragya. Purab comes there and Abhi says that he’s going for court. Abhi asks about Disha. He says that he tried finding about her relationship with Ritik and she got angry. He also says that Aliya to got to know about it and is upset about it. Purab asks Abhi that why’s he so happy to go to court and asks if he isn’t afraid. Abhi says that he talked with Pragya and everything is sorted now. He says he’s actually going to dinner to meet his two daughters and leaves.

Pragya and her lawyer is fighting with Abhi’s lawyer about who will win the case. Pragya says that Rishi is innocent and it will be proved today. They all leave and Abhi comes there with Priyanka. He asks her to proceed and goes to Pragya. Pragya too sends Rishi away. Abhi asks her to leave the court issues only ib court. He says that whatever happens in court should not affect their relation. Let the lawyers and the kids fight whatever they want. He says that they will stand by the kids side and the truth itself comes out.

Priyanka calls Rishi and asks him to marry her so that all this could be avoided. She says that she’ll forgive both him and Shahana for being together all this while and asks him to return back to her. Rishi stands adamant and denies coming back to her. Priyanka asks if he love her so much and he agrees in frustration. She says that they will meet in court and will make sure to get him jailed. Abhi too hugs Pragya and leaves

The trial begins and Abhi’s lawyer badmouths Rishi and says that he tried to use the situation for molesting Priyanka. Rishi’s lawyer says that it’s all just a set of story and no such things happened. Abhi’s lawyer mocks him saying that does he mean a girl tried raping a man. Pragya’s lawyer says that a rape is a rape no matter what the gender is. A few men pass comments on the case and Priyanka. Abhi gets furious reacts to it. Judge condemns him and asks him to keep quite. She sends the commenter out and the trial continues.

Pragya’s lawyer calls Abhi for witness. He says that he found Rishi all disoriented and trying to escape while Priyanka’s condition is worse. In the meantime Aliya asks Purab about his visit to Disha House. He tries convincing her but she doesn’t believe. Purab gets furious and Aliya asks Sorry. Purab says that just like his truth doesn’t matter to her, her sorry too doesn’t matter to him and leaves.

Abhi’s lawyer provides the photographs of Priyanka wounds post molestation. Pragya’s lawyer asks her to check 3rd and 5th photograph where her self made mark will be missing. Priyanka in the fear of getting caught acts affected and does drama to drop the case. Pragya’s lawyer then says that without any mistake of his Rishi got thrashed by Police and Abhishek Prem Mehra. Abhi looks at Pragya