Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th November 2019: PRIYANKA’S PLANS TO TRAP RISHI AND MEETS HIM AT CLIFF

The episode starts with Aliya inviting Purab for a party and Purab denies. Aliya scolds Purab and Abhi comes there. He says that he’ll accompany her. Abhi gets Priyanka’s call and goes to attend it. Aliya says that he needs to come as everyone knows they are husband and wife. She leaves.

Priyanka wonders why Abhi isn’t picking up her call. He calls her and asks about her flight. Priyanka says that Rishi called her to cliff and Abhi panics. He asks her not to go but she says that may be he wants to apologise. Abhi still forbids her but Priyanka stands adamant. Abhi while speaking by mistake drops the phone in water. Vikram sees it and makes fun of him. Abhi gets worried for Priyanka

Priyanka then asks driver for his phone and asks him to give her some privacy. He goes out and she calls Rishi. Madhu scolds Rishi for not picking up the call while Pragya is lost in Abhi’s thoughts. Rishi takes the phone and Priyanka apologizes for her mistakes. She asks to meet him for one last time but Pragya signals him to not to. Priyanka forces but still Rishi denies on Pragya’s saying. Later Priyanka emotionally traps him and he himself calms her back and asks her to meet. Priyanka smirks at her successful plan and leaves to cliff to meet Rishi.

Vikram says Abhi that his mobile will be ready soon. He asks where he was last night. Purab comes there and Abhi asks for his mobile to call Pragya. He calls Pragya and informs about Rishi wanting to meet Priyanka. Pragya says that Priyanka is the one who wants to meet Rishi. They argue when Madhu informs Pragya that Rishi is not at home. Abhi and Pragya rushes to the cliff.

Priyanka waits desperately for Rishi and he comes there. She hugs him and Rishi asks her to stay away. Priyanka says that she loves him so much but Rishi says that it’s not love but her madness. He asks did she call him to say this and is about to leave but Priyanka stops him. She cries confessing her love for him and acts mad. She lights the logs and plays the mantras in recorder. She starts rounding the fire with Rishi. Rishi asks her to stop her drama and pours water on the fire and walks off. Priyanka runs after him.

Rishi is lost in Prachi’s thoughts. He wonders what type of girls he like. His mother comes there and he asks the same question to her. She first describes happening girl like Rhea and Ranbir gets happy. But is happiness is short lived when his mother says that he just thinks he likes such girls. She says that he like girls who are exactly like Prachi and leaves. Ranbir again gets confused