Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th October 2019: Abhi slaps Riya for accusing Pragya!

Today’s episode starts with Sarita telling to Pragya that her mobile is ringing. She picks up the call and Riya ask her to give the phone to Pragya. Pragya takes a call and Riys recall’s Aliya’s word and ask Pragya to meet her. There, Aliya sees Disha’s pic and says she won’t let her come in between her and Purab. She burns Disha’s pic. Pragya meets Riya and Riya ask Pragya can she hug her. Pragya hugs Riya. Here, Abhi and Meera look for Riya.

Abhi calls Riya and Riya don’t receive his call. He tracks her number and goes to meet her. Meanwhile, Riya pours her heart out to Pragya and Pragya consoles her. Other side, Ranbir offers coffee to Prachi but Prachi refuses. He later, calls other employees for the coffee and asks Prachi to continue working.

Pragya message to Riya’s father and ask him to meet her. Abhi reaches the restaurant and sees Riya crying. He ask her what happened to her. Riya tells to Abhi that today she got to know how bad her mother is. Abhi ask Riya not to talk about her mother like that. Riya accuses her mother for ruining her life and Abhi about to slap her. Abhi apologizes her and ask her to behave properly. But Riya leaves the place.

Pragya thinks to meet Mr. Mehra and discuss about Riya. She worries for Riya. Abhi comes inside and thinks Riya’s word. He goes to the bar and drinks. Pragya comes from behind but didn’t see Abhi. Abhi ask for drink and waiter says it’s over. Pragya hears Abhi’s voice and stops him. The duo shares an eye lock and Abhi hugs Pragya tightly. (Episode Ends)