Kumkum Bhagya written update 22nd October 2019: Pragya hides Abhi at her home!

Today’s episode starts with Pragya and Abhi kiss each other. Pragya says to Abhi now she will drop him home and Abhi refuses to go home. Pragya says she is with him and looks for taxi. Abhi sleeps and Pragya wakes him up, she further thinks to call Purab. Aliya sees Pragya’s call on Purab’s number and thinks she will not let Pragya come back in her life. Abhi hugs Pragya tightly and Pragya thinks to take him home and says she will handle the situation. And she will not let Prachi see her father. Riya cry in her room and Aliya consoles her.

Pragya calls Rishi and ask who all are waking at home. Rishi tells her and Pragya further tells to Rishi that she is bringing someone so help her. There, Prachi and Ranbir get stuck in the office, as someone has locked the main gate. Ranbir and Prachi looks for a way to get out from the office.

Ranbir calls Aryan and ask help from him. Rishi worries for Pragya and thinks whom she is bringing. He gets shocked seeing Abhi with Pragya. Pragya ask to question later and help her carrying Abhi to her room.

Other side, Riya thinks of a way to divert her mind. She thinks of a plan to go on a long drive with Ranbir. She calls Ranbir and he tells her that he is stuck in office. Riya says she will wait for him. Further, Riya thinks of a plan to meet Ranbir at office. Here, Aryan takes key maker with him to the office.

Abhi comes to his senses and demands a kiss from Pragya. Prayga kisses Abhi’s cheek and the duo sleeps together. (Episode Ends)