Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 24th October 2019: Abhi wishes to meet his daughter!

Today’s episode starts with Pragya thinks to talk with Abhi and ask questions from him. She says she went at the restaurant to meet Mr. Mehra but because of Abhi she didn’t able to meet him. Further, she thinks to call Riya and ask how she is feeling now. Riya didn’t receive Pragya’s call. Here, Shahana ask Rishi why he dragged her from Pragya’s room, as she didn’t able to see Abhi’s face. She asks Rishi to tell her about the man who is sleeping in Pragya’s room. Rishi takes a promise from Sahana and ask her not to reveal about the man, as Pragya has took the promise from him too. Shahana thinks man might be Prachi’s father and now she will tell to Prachi about him without breaking her promise. There, Aliya goes to Vikram to take the suggestion from him on the deal.

Later, Riya ask Ranbir where he was last night. Ranbir says he was at the office and Riya ask him not to talk with her.
Other side, Sahana thinks to watch the face of Prachi’s father. Rishi gets to know about Shahana and rushes to stop her.

Abhi wakes up and gets happy to see Pragya. He asks about last night. Pragya tells Abhi that he was drunk last night so she brought him home. The duo talks with each other. Pragya gets emotional hearing Abhi and Shahana misunderstand Abhi when he was wiping her tears. Rishi stops Shahana. Pragya and Abhi share a hug.

Riya gets angry on Ranbir for spending night with Prachi. Ranbir explains to Riya and Riya misunderstands Ranbir. Pallvi comes and Riya leaves the place. Ranbir stops Riya and calls Aryan to clear her misunderstanding. Aryan explains to Riya about the last night. Ahead, Priyanka calls Riya and tries to manipulate her against Ranbir and Prachi’s relation.

Abhi ask Pragya to make him meet his daughter. Pragya refuses but Abhi insists Pragya to make him meet his daughter. (Episode Ends)