Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 28th October 2019: Riya invites Pragya and Prachi for the Diwali Party with a hidden motive

Today’s episode starts with Vikram thinking this time Diwali party Abhi will give and he will not lose the bet. He asks money from Abhi. Abhi says he know he wants th emoney for business and give money to him. Here, family tells to Ranbir about the bet, Ranbir says Vikran will only win. Vikram comes down with the money and tell to Kohli’s and Mehra’s that he has won the bet. Abhi comes and informs everyone that this time Diwali Party he will organize. Everyone gets happy.

There, Shahana gets excited seeing Prachi. She informs that Pragya has brought new dresses for Diwali. Pragya gifts everyone the dress. Shahna gets happy. Afterwards, Riya comes to Abhi and ask why first time he is throwing Diwali party for the first time. Abhi thinks of Pragya and tells to Riya that he is happy this time so giving the party. Later, Riya invites Pragya’s family for the party and Pragya agrees.

Furthre, Riya goes to meet Rohit and invites him for the Diwali party too. Rohit gets happy listening that and ask Riya what he has to do for her. Riya ask him to dress up well, rest she will tell him tomorrow. Rohit thinks Riya is a good girl and gets happy.

Shahna ask Prachi did she look danger. Prachi says no she is dangerous. Shahna mocks. Prachi says she looks quiet but she is dangerous and has fought with the goons alone. Shahna argues with Prachi and says that day Ranbir was with her thus she fought with goons. Shahna further calls Ranbir and his brother receives the call in behalf of Ranbir. He says Ranbir don’t want to talk with Prachi thus he has received the call. Shahna gets angry and says even Prachi don’t want to talk with Ranbir too. (Episode Ends)