Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 29th October 2019: Abhi’s Diwali surprise for Pragya

Today’s episode starts with Shahna says to Aryan that Prachi’s ego is more than Ranbir. Aryan says to Shahna that Ranbir’s ego is way more than Prachi, the duo argues. Ahead, Ranbir and Prachi take the mobile and says sorry to each other and Ranbir hangs up the call seeing Riya. There, Vikram and Pallvi argue on selecting jewelry. Ranbir comes and laughs at Vikram.

Diwali party at Mehra house starts. Priyanka praises Riya and her outfit. Abhi comes and Riya praises him. Later, on Abhi tells to Purab and Vikram that they are linking up with Meera. Vikram says Pallavi must have initiated the talk. Abhi takes Mitali’s name. Purab, Abhi, Aryan, Ranbir and Purab spend time with each other and enjoys.

Sahna praises Pragya and says she is looking beautiful. Sarita comes and ask everyone to get ready fast to go to Mehra’s house. Pragya’s dress gets ruined and she asks Prachi, Sarita and Sahna to go and she will come later. Rishi refuses to go to Mehra house. Pragya ask everyone to go.

Other side, Riya waits for Rohit. Priyanka ask Riya to call him. Riya’s grandmother asks her to take her to the room. Priyanka says Riya is busy as she has to make some important call but Riya says she will take her.

Riya’s grandmother asks Riya to make her meet her boyfriend before she die. Riya tells her that she don’t have any boyfriend. Further, she complaints to Abhi about her grandmother’s demand. Abhi says it’s good she is not having any boyfriend else he would have beaten him. Later, Abhi gestures to go out but Aliya stops Abhi from going out. She tells him that Mr. Chauhan is coming thus he can’t go anywhere. Abhi thinks to wait for 15 minutes and says he will go to give surprise to Pragya on Diwali. (Episode Ends)