Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 30th October 2019: Meera stops Abhi from meeting Pragya

Today’s episode starts with Priyanka asking Riya about Rohit. Riya says she likes her concern towards her and informs her that Sanju is one the way. Ahead, cast of FITRAT promotes their web series. Later, Riya praises Ranbir and wishes him Happy Diwali. Next Priyanks creates doubt on Riya’s mind regarding Ranbir’s love for her.

Prachi, Sarita and Shahna come and Abhi welcomes them. Vikram and Purab too welcome the trio. Next, Abhi talks with Prachi and Sarita. He says to Sarita that Riya is attached with Prachi’s mother so ask her to keep Riya and give him Prachi. Sarita says good idea. Sahana ask Abhi to take Prachi with her too. Afterwards, Abhi tells to Sarita that he has to go somewhere. Sarita ask where he has to go leaving his party. Abhi lies to her and Sarita thinks at one side Pragya’s husband returned and here, some girl too entered into Abhi’s life. She thinks she wanted to make their Jodi but its good they are happy in their life.

Priyanks sees Sahana and recalls the flashback. Later, Vikram ask Abhi to give him the advice to create a misunderstanding between Pallavi and his mother. Abhi says to Vikram that he doesn’t give wrong advices to anyone and take his leave. Ranbir and Vikram talks with each other and Vikram tells to Ranbir that as per the bet he is going to create a misunderstanding between Pallavi and his mother.

Later, Abhi informs to Meera that he is going to meet his wife Pragya. Meera ask Abhi to wait for a while as Aliya told her that some client is coming to meet him. Abhi agrees to wait. Meera cries thinking it’s getting difficult for her because she can’t express her feeling to Abhi because he loves someone else. She thinks Pragya is lucky. (Episode Ends)