Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 31st October 2019: Priyanka frames Ranbir to execute her plan


Today’s episode starts with Pragya sees Rishi sitting alone and ask him to accompany him. Rishi says he is not going to attend any party. Pragya ask Rishi to just drop her as she is feeling odd going alone. There, Vikram tries to create misunderstanding between Pallavi and his mother but his plan fails. Ahead, Ranbir meets Shahna and Prachi. Ranbir says sorry to Shahna on behalf of Aryan and Prachi does argument with him. Riya sees Ranbir and Prachi fighting and gets happy.

Afterwards, Aliya comes and checks ring on Purab’s hand. Purab ask Aliya if she has hidden camera in the ring. Aliya gets upset and later shows her anger to Abhi too. Abhi shares a talk with Purab and says he will complete his love story and goes to meet Pragya. Aliya thinks she won’t let Pragya enter Abhi’s life else her daughter will take away Riya’s smile from her face. Other side, Priyanka recalls Shahana and Rishi’s moment and thinks to kill Shahana.

Ranbir bumps into Riya and Riya praises Ranbir. Ranbir praises Riya back and confesses his love for her. Riya gets impressed. She further asks Ranbir to give a small love test so that she can trust him more. Ranbir ask Riya what he has to do. Later, Priyanka decides to spike Shahna’s drink and harm her. She ask waiter to go to Shahna and tell her that Ranbir is calling her at terrace. Waiter informs Shahna and Shahna gets ready to meet Ranbir. Priyanka thinks if anything will happen to Shahna, Ranbir will be trapped

Ahead, Riya gets adamant on her decision and ask Ranbir to prove his loyalty towards her. Ranbir ask Riya what he can do to prove that he is loyal towards her. Riya thinks she will test Ranbir’s love. (Episode Ends)

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