Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 4th November 2019: Ranbir Prachi’s fight and AbhiGya romance

The episode starts with Sanju calling Rhea and informing that he’s ready for the plan. Rhea cuts the call and calls someone and asks to make it ready. Vikram keeps admiring Mitali and Mitali sees it. She asks if he wants to say something to her. Vikram says that he wanted to say something to her but if he says she might mistake him. Mitali urges him to say it. Later she asks him for a diamond necklace just like her mothers-in-law. He asks why does she always fights with her mother in law. He says that Pallavi never fights with his mother. She says that it’s because he knows well to handle wife and mother. She says that he doesn’t say good about mother to wife and vice versa and there’s no place for insecurity. She says that’s the reason he handles everything better. Vikram thanks her for making him understand.

Ranbir scolds Prachi for letting Sanju flirt with her and in return scolding him when all he wanted to do was warn her. Prachi asks what’s his problem even if he flirts with her and says she can take care of her. Ranbir taunts her for her attitudes and Prachi leaves furiously. Rhea sees it. Pallavi sees Vikram hugging Mitali and gets irked.

Vikram thanks Mitali hugging her and promises to get her the diamond necklace just like her mother-in-laws. Mitali leaves happily while Vikram admires her. Pallavi comes there and taps his shoulder. She asks what happened and he praises his mother too much in front of her. He says that no one can love him as much as his mother and is all praises for her. Pallavi gets totally irked with his behavior and leaves furiously while Vikram smirks seeing his plan working.

Pragya and Abhi romances in the dark and he keeps hugging her and kissing in the pretext of repairing the electric board. They both have some romantic moment and Pragya asks if he won’t ever be serious. He jokes that he was just a few minutes back and keeps hugging and kissing her. Ranbir is all upset about Prachi when Rhea comes there. She says that if Sanju comes in between him and Prachi then they can’t be together. She says that the cheap class girl when she gets committed once will never back off no matter. Ranbir gets into thinking and Rhea hugs him saying that he loves her so much that he’s undergoing so much for her. She says that they will soon be a couple and leaves hugging him. Ranbir says that Rhea is right. He says that he shouldn’t mind what Prachi does and leaves.

Abhi while romancing Pragya hears some sound and Pragya asks him not to joke. Later it turns out to be Madhu and Abhi scolds her and sends her away. Danny’s friend advises him to drop the plan as Prachi doesn’t have any feelings for him but he denies saying that he wants Prachi any cost. Having had enough of it his friend leaves asks him to go ahead with his. Rhea meets someone and gets cocaine from them