Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 5th November 2019: Rhea deadly plan against Prachi using Sanju

The episode starts with Rhea informing Priyanka about Sanju agreeing to their plan. Priyanka doubts Sanju for his sudden change of mind and asks her to check on it so that nothing wrong takes place in their plan and also asks her to call Abhi as he should witness Prachi’s insult. Rhea goes to do as Priyanka said.

Abhi praises himself for lights returning and Pragya days that lights came back itself. Madhu taunts Abhi too. Rhea calls Sanju aside and he leaves with her. In the meantime, she calls Abhi and asks where he is. He says that he’s out for an important job and Rhea asks if it’s so. Important than her. Abhi says that nothing is more important to him than her. Abhi asks her to come here and thinks to make Pragya meet Rhea. However, Rhea asks him to come there and pick her up and go. Abhi agrees and cuts the call.

Abhi informs Pragya that he’s leaving to get the biggest gift for her and leaves. Abhi leaves before Pragya could call him. She worries about visiting Mr. Mehra. She informs Madhu and asks her to inform Abhi if he comes back before her and leaves to Mehra mansion.

Rhea asks Sanju the reason for his sudden change of mind and Sanju recalls Ranbir warning him to stay away from Prachi. He says that he feels someone more important in Prachi’s life other than him and he can’t tolerate it. He says that he wants to be the one for Prachi and will go to any length to get her. Rhea understands and calls someone. A waiter comes and she introduces him as Sham. She instructs him about offering drinks to both Prachi and Sanju and spiking Prachi’s drink.

Purab enters Disha’s home to find her watching out of the window. Disha feels sad about having no one to celebrate Diwali with. Purab knocks the door and Disha greets him in. They both share Diwali wishes and Disha goes to get sweets. Purab wonders about where Ritik is. Disha gets Veronica’s call and Purab calls for her but she couldn’t hear it. It rings again and Purab picks up the call and before he answers Veronica asks whether Ritik is there. She asks to send him home as she agreed for marriage. Purab gets the shocked hearing it.

Vikram sees Pallavi and his mom being all happy together and decides to provoke more. He goes there and provokes Pallavi by praising his mom. They both fight and he gets happy for getting successful in his challenge. He calls Ranbir and shows it and asks for his vet money. Ranbir takes the money and gives it to Pallavi and his Dida. He says that he had a bet with them and they challenged him to prove his fool and now they won. He takes Vikram credit card and leaves.

Aliya searches for Purab and calls him. Purab lies that he has come for fresh air. Aliya doubts him and goes to check in Disha’s home. Purab asks Disha why did she lie about Ritik.

Sahana discusses Rishi with Daadi and Priyanka gets furious.