Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 6th November 2019: Ranbir and Prachi’s cold War

The episode starts with Madhu seeing Pragya tensed and asks what happened. Pragya says that she will something wrong going to happen and is kind of restless. However, she brushes it off there’s no such situation that could happen as everything is fine. Prachi sees Ranbir ignoring her and goes to him. She asks what happened and why’s he behaving so stranger. Ranbir asks how does it matter to her as she’s busy with her Sanju. Prachi says that he’s just her friend and nothing more and they both have a fight. Prachi having had enough of his tantrums scolds him. Ranbir leaves her and joins his friends. Prachi watches it fuming and Sanju sees it.

He recalls Rhea’s words and goes to Prachi. He speaks with her and Ranbir sees them together. Sanju asks Prachi where did she go and talks randomly. Rhea searches for Priyanka who’s bust spying of Shahana. She decides to punish Shahana if Rishi comes close to her. Rhea signals the waiter and he goes to Sanju and Prachi. To their happiness, Prachi selects the spiked drink. Pragya is on her way and calls Rishi who says that they left the venue. Dadi says that they were bored there and also says that Prachi is still there. Shahana gets down from the car and walks off.

Purab asks Disha random questions about Ritik. He wonders if she’s lying or if they broke up. Disha asks why’s he keep asking about Ritik. Purab says that she doesn’t like him talking about them or her. That’s the reason. Aliya comes to Disha house and finds Purab car parked outside. She gets furious and calls Purab but he doesn’t pick up. Abhi sees Aliya entering Disha house and calls her and lies that Purab is with him. Aliya gets relieved and leaves. She gets Chauhans call and leaves immediately. Abhi signs in relief.

Prachi didn’t like the drink and exchanges it with the normal one and everyone gets shocked. Sanju says that he doesn’t like orange and asks her to take it but Prachi offers him different drink and he takes it having no option. Prachi sees Ranbir watching them and behaves extra friendly with Sanju. Ranbir takes the spiked drink and everyone gets shocked. Rhea sends her friend to stop Ranbir from having. After a lots of struggle her friend stops Ranbir from having the drink and then takes it away from him. Rhea sighs in relief.

Ranbir’s brother comes there and he shows him Prachi being over friendly with Sanju. His brother says that it happens when we meet people from our place and it’s very normal. Ranbir brushes it off. Disha wonders about Purab constant questioning about Ritik. Purab comes there and says that he found that she’s lying about her relationship with Ritik. She asks him to go from there.

Aliya mixes drugs in both the drinks so that no mistake takes place anymore.