Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 7th November 2019: Rhea succeeds in her plan of defaming Prachi

The episode starts with Prachi calling Sanju and informing about both the drinks being spiked. She asks him to make Prachi drink by any means and he agrees. Later she asks her friends to spread rumor about Prachi being characterless and they go. They say I’ll about Prachi and Dadi and Mitali for it. They scold them for talking so bad about a girl and warns them. They gets irked.

Disha hears calling bell and goes to open the door while Purab is still confused about her relationship with Ritik. He sees Disha greeting someone and hugging him. He checks for who it be and gets relieved seeing Abhi but his happiness is short lived when Ritik follows him. Disha scolds him for coming late and Ritik and Abhi mock her for her constant questioning. Abhi then greets Purab and informs about Aliya visit.

Sanju forces Prachi to have a drink so that he can understand that she forgave him. Having forced Prachi agrees for it and Sanju offers the spiked drink to Prachi and she haves it. All of a sudden she feels dizzy and leans on Sanju while Ranbir sees this and gets irked. Rhea says about Prachi drinking the drink and Pallavi hears it but ignores.

Later Sanju spills sauce on Prachi’s dress and sends her to washroom and he follows her. Prachi comes to guestroom and finds it difficult to manage and Sanju follows her. Sanju makes Prachi spill water on his shirt and sends her to washroom. He removes his clothes and dries it using hair dryer. Rhea wonders about Abhi when Aliya comes there in search of Chauhan. She doesn’t want to waste time and takes the Mike and gets everyone attention. She gives a small speech about bursting crackers and wishes everyone Happy Diwali. She says that instead of crackers they are going to enjoy with music and videos. Ranbir and his family pull each others legs. Later she plays the video and pretends its malfunction. She then switches on the guest room cctv camera in which Prachi comes out of the washroom and finds Sanju struggling with his dress and helps him out of it. Everyone gets shocked seeing it. Pragya is stuck in traffic and gets worried. Prachi falls unconscious on bed and Sanju holds her hand. Prachi removes her hand from his and leaves. Rhea smirks as her plan is succeeded