Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 8th November 2019: Aliya insults Prachi and Abhi and Purab plan

The episode starts with Prachi getting inside the washroom all half conscious. Sanju says that he will leave only with his bride and leaves the room. Aliya asks Rhea about it and guests badmouth about Prachi and calls her characterless. Rhea gets happy with her success while Ranbir is serious. Rhea asks about Abhi and Aliya says that he’ll be late. Aliya asks Rhea to bring Prachi out of her room. Aliya says that after this none gonna stop her.

Abhi asks why didn’t he lift his mobile. He says how he handled Aliya and Purab thanks Abhi. They both have some fun chat and taunt each other. Purab says that he got to know about Disha’s lie on her relation with Ritik. Disha convinces Ritik to lie for her. He asks why did he call her and she says that she called him as Purab and Abhi is here. She thought that she just wanted them to have a get together. Disha asks questions about h oh s details and Ritik finds it weird. He leaves with her constant questioning.

Prachi washes her face and Sanju plans for making people outside believe. Rhea knocks the door and Sanju opens it and they both murmur. Rhea calls for Prachi and asks her to come out. She comes out all in her sense and asks what happened why are they calling her. Rhea taunts her to bring her boyfriend with her leaving a confused Prachi.

Purab explains to him about getting a call from Ritik’s girl friend. He says that it means she wants to stay away from him. He asks why didn’t he question about her. He says that he tried but she dodges it. Abhi asks him to answer indirectly and make her confess the truth. Purab says that he tried but couldn’t do anything about it. Abhi says that he has a plan and asks him to find their favorite colors and other things. He asks how could they ask all this. They decide to use game to find it.

Ranbir’s grandmother comes with Meera and finds all tensed. They ask what happened. Priyanka says that she will and says about Prachi being characterless. Abhi is still thinking when Disha and Ritik comes with coffee. Abhi asks for slate or blackboard and Disha asks why. Purab blurts out but Abhi covers it for him saying about playing game. Ritik explains about the game.

Shahana comes there and Priyanka taunt welcomes her. She asks did she come to save her sister. Shahana asks what happened and Priyanka says that it becomes of the shock given by her sister. Ranbir’s grandmother asks her to explain what happened. Priyanka says that Prachi was a seducing guy and Vikram asks her to shut. Aliya supports Priyanka and Shahana fights with Priyanka. Shahana supports Prachi and Priyanka insults her too. Aliya asks her to shut as they had seen everything.

Pragya is in car and calls Prachi but the number is not reachable. She gets irked with Prachi.