Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 9th December 2019: Prachi gets kidnapped

The episode starts with Ranbir coming back to Prachi and teasing her. They both have a fight again. Ranbir follows Prachi for her safety but Prachi gets irritated by it. Ranbir then goes to ice cream parlour to have ice cream while Prachi leaves on her way.

Sunil is waiting for Sanju when Sanju’s men come to him. Sunil asks for money from them and they say that they are not here to give money but to kill him. Sunil runs away and goes to hiding while the two men searches him. Sanju calls his men to have update about the work and the main man cuts the call asking him to not to disturb. Sanju cuts the call. The men finally spot Sunil and runs after him. Sunil comes in the opposite side of Prachi and Prachi sees it. She identifies him to be the waiter and finds to men following him. She watches everything hiding.

At home Prachi’s photo falls down and breaks. Pragya worries about Prachi and asks to Shahana about her. Prachi sees the men thrashing Suni and they are about to kill him. Suddenly Pragya calls her and her phone starts ringing. The men notices Prachi and starts following her leaving a half dead Sunil. Prachi runs on the road and can’t understand what to do. She decides to go to the ice cream parlour when Ranbir is. She comes to the parlour but couldn’t find him. The men follow Prachi while Prachi spots Ranbir’s car. She skids and falls on mud and her hand gets dirtied. She thought Ranbir is in the car and tries knocking the door but it didn’t open. She tries calling him too but he didn’t pick up. She said sees the men and leaves the phone on Ranbir’s car and starts running again. The men bump into Ranbir but he fails seeing Prachi.

Ranbir comes to his car and finds the mud mark on the car window. He then sees Prachi’s watch and thinks she did it to get revenge on him. He calls her but finds her phone on his car bonnet. In the meantime Prachi gets caught by the men who hits her head. She gets unconscious and they kidnap her.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s house and calls out for Prachi. He complains Pragya for Prachi dirtying his car window for revenge on him. Pragya asks why will she do that when Ranbir says about him ditching her on road. Pragya scolds him for it. He says about coming back but Prachi still taunting him and leaving her own. Pragya informs him about Prachi not home yet and that’s when Ranbir realizes his mistake. They understand that she’s in some problem.