Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2020 Written Update: Karan assures Preeta he is with her

Episode begins with Sristy tells Sherlyn that they already hired new lawyer for Preeta’s case. Sherlyn shocks hearing that. Sherlyn slaps the lawyer for not doing the job correctly. Karan tries to call Mahira but she doesn’t attends his call. Sameer informs Karan that judge came so they have to go inside. Sherlyn comes there and tells maybe Mahira doesn’t wants to lie in court because she knows Preeta pushed her deliberately that’s why she didn’t came. Karan asks her stay silent and goes inside with Sameer. Sherlyn sees the truck driver and thinks what is he doing in the court. She asks the truck driver to leave from court otherwise she will tell everyone that he tried to Mahira. Truck driver says it’s not him but she and Mahira tries to kill Preeta. She gets afraid and says he will get his extra money tomorrow and asks him to leave the court. He too agrees with her. Preeta sees Sherlyn with the truck driver and thinks how Sherlyn involved in her case.

Mahira’s lawyer says Preeta hates Mahira that’s why she pushed Mahira in front of the truck deliberately. Preeta’s lawyer takes everyone’s name wrongly. Everyone shocks hearing him. Sameer says when Preeta’s lawyer doesn’t even know the names correctly then how he will fight for Preeta. Mahira’s lawyer makes fun Preeta’s lawyer and explains the case to him mockingly. Preeta’s lawyer tells his client Preeta is innocent. Judge asks him the proof to prove Preeta’s innocence. Sarla tells to judge that their previous lawyer ditched them at end moment so they hired new lawyer and requests him to give time so their lawyer can understand the case. Judge accepts her request and gives one hour time so the lawyer can study his case well. Kareena thinks what Karan told Mahira that she agreed to support Preeta in court.

Karan tries to go towards Preeta but Police inspector stops him and argues with him. That time Sristy comes there and tells something to Police inspector secretly and he gives permission to Karan. Karan asks Sristy what she told to Police inspector. She says she lied to him that she knows he is corrupt officer and she have proof against him.

Karan meets Preeta. She smiles at him. He assures her that he is with her. She says she knows everything will be fine because he is with her. He says he is same one who hurted her so much still how can she believe him this much.

Ramona says she doesn’t know what Karan told Mahira that she agreed to speak in favor of Preeta and says Mahira doing everything for her love for Karan but Karan doesn’t do anything for Mahira. She fears after Preeta’s release Karan will forget Mahira because now also he is with Preeta that too alone. Rakhi says Karan just talking with Preeta so Ramona should not overreact in this matter. Rishab suddenly starts to scold Sameer and tells everyone that Sameer asked him divorce Sherlyn. Everyone takes stand for Sherlyn and scolds Sameer. Rishab says when Sameer said something wrong everyone take stand against him but why they didn’t react the same way with Ramona except Rakhi when she is also wrong. He says he is hurt because luthra’s didn’t took stand for Karan.

Preeta says she doesn’t know the answer for Karan’s question and tries to wipe her tears but because of the handcuffs it becomes difficult for her so Karan helps her. Preeta asks how Mahira agreed to support her? Karan recalls his deal with Mahira and holds Preeta’s hand.

Episode ends.