Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn suspects Prithvi

Episode begins with Sristy says Preeta is outside house but she is getting scolded by Sarla like always. She says she loves Preeta lot but she only sacrifices lot of things. She asks Sarla to give her mobile charger at least so she can call Preeta. Sarla denies to give it to her. Sherlyn thinks did Rishab went to meet Preeta and gets afraid what if Preeta told him about Mahira’s truth. Later she thinks he won’t go because Karan won’t forgive him if he does anything like that.

She decides that he is not picking her call deliberately because he is angry on her. She calls him from landline thinking he will definitely pick that call thinking Rakhi calling him. She recalls Prithvi words and suspects that he is behind Rishab being missing. She remembers how Prithvi called her at early morning. She asks him why he called her. He says he called her just to talk to her. She says he won’t call her at early morning unless it’s not anything important. He praises her saying she became smart staying with him.

He says he wants all the properties of Rishab. She asks him to wait saying she is also wants the same. He says he knows she loves him lot and can do anything for him. She blushes hearing that. He tells her, his plan of kidnapping Rishab. She scolds him saying his plan is so weak. He says today he will make sure to get all properties of Rishab. She asks him to not do anything today because her main focus is Karan and Mahira’s marriage.

He scolds her saying he doesn’t need her help and cuts the call angrily. She gets tensed thinking if Karan gets to know that Rishab is in danger then he won’t think twice to stop his marriage. She says today for her just Karan and Mahira’s marriage is important nothing else and what all she did for this day and because of Prithvi she can’t let this marriage stop.

Karan says Preeta tried to stop his marriage and planned many things but he won’t let her succeed in her plans and he will marry Mahira for sure. He says Rishab is wrong for thinking that he is not marrying Mahira by heart and he will prove him that Rishab is wrong. He calls Rishab so he can witness how happy he is to marry Mahira. He thinks why Rishab is not picking his call. Sristy gets Preeta’s mobile charger from her bag. Preeta sees kidnapper’s car and asks him to open the door.

Prithvi says why his men Rana still didn’t called him to inform details about Rishab’s kidnap. He gets happy thinking today he will get luthra’s properties for sure. He says Preeta is like diamond but Karan going to marry Mahira leaving Preeta and that’s so stupid of him. He says he is not stupid like Karan to leave Preeta and says Sherlyn just did one good thing in her life that is introducing him to Preeta’s family. He says today he will win and luthra’s going to lose everything. Preeta again starts to follow the kidnapper’s car to save Rishab.

Episode ends.