Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update: Karan defends Preeta’s plan

Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rakhi tells media reporters that Anshuman blackmailed Luthras. Dadi curses Anshuman. Anshuman asks Luthras that what proof they have against him. He says that he has proofs to prove Karan tried to buy him. He tells Karan to file a case against him if the latter want to cancel the partnership then. Palki reminds Anshuman that partnership papers had been torned down so no partnership exist between Karan and Anshuman.

Anshuman laughs. He says that Shaurya tore the copy of partnership papers. He reveals that his lawyer has original partnership papers and his lawyer is taking it to registrar. He orders Luthras to pack their bags and leave Luthra house. Luthras gets shocked hearing this. Rakhi and Dadi cries. Luthras recalls the moments they spent in Luthra house.

Rakhi tells Anshuman that they won’t go anywhere. Anshuman tells her that he won’t tolerate insult. He says that only Preeta and Palki are smart people but Preeta is not there. He asks media reporter to leave because function is over. Media reporters and guests leaves from there. Anshuman tells Luthras to leave from there.

Rajveer tells Anshuman that the latter should go, not Luthras. Anshuman asks Rajveer to come to his side because Luthras has nothing now. Rajveer warns Anshuman to return everything to Luthras. He threatens to ruin Anshuman’s life. Anshuman asks Rajveer that whether the latter will do that alone. Shaurya tells Anshuman that he will support Rajveer in that. Karan asks Anshuman that whether the latter got his answer.

Anshuman says that he is loving this unity but it’s boring. He calls Security guards and orders them to throw Luthras out of the house. He sits on the sofa. Security guard packs Luthras luggage. Mohit and Sandy tries to stop them. Rajveer and Shaurya also tries to stop the Security guards. Anshuman says that he don’t like this screaming and goes upstairs.

Nidhi blames Preeta for everything. She tells Luthras that she already told them that Preeta’s plan will fail but no one listened her. Karan asks her to not utter a word against Preeta. He tells her that Preeta is doing all this for them. She tells him that they lost everything and how can he support Preeta still. He asks her to shut up. Kareena tells Karan that he should not have trusted Preeta’s plan blindly.

Rakhi tells Kareena that Preeta tried to help them. Nidhi says that she is not understanding why Luthras are defending Preeta still. Varun asks Luthras to not trust Preeta. Karan tells Varun to shut up. Kareena asks him to come to reality. Nidhi says that Preeta ran away after ruining everything.

Anshuman throws bags from upstairs. He tells Luthras to collect the bags and leave from there. He asks Luthras to do yoga to stay calm. Media reporters returns. Anshuman tells media reporters that Luthras are leaving from his house.

Episode ends.

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