Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2021 Written Update: Pihu stops Sonakshi from disturbing Preeta and Karan

Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Kareena tells Rishabh and Rakhi that Srishti really don’t know how to talk to others. Rakhi tells her that Srishti is still kid by heart. Rishabh tells Kareena that he knows that she is protective for them and they won’t disappoint her and asks her to just smile today because it’s a festival day. She tells him that she is glad that he is with them to celebrate Diwali and hugs him. After some time, Rishabh searches Sherlyn to ask about his laptop charger but he could not find her. He recalls their morning conversation about Lawyer and Prithvi’s case. He hopes that she didn’t went to meet Prithvi otherwise he don’t know that how he will react.

Srishti tells Sameer that he is not her friend anymore. He asks her that why she is reacting like this for such a small matter and asks her leave that matter. She tells him that she can’t forgot that how he talked to her in front of everyone and she won’t forgive him too. She asks him to not talk to her because she won’t talk to strangers. He stops the car seeing the signal and he sees Sherlyn and informs Srishti about it but she could not see Sherlyn.

Preeta helps Pihu to paint. Karan admires her and recalls the moments he shared with her. Pihu asks them to see her painting. Karan asks them to give chance to him to show his skill too. Preeta is about to leave the room and Karan wanted to stop her but Pihu stops her saying that Karan want to talk to her. He thanks Pihu and she leaves the room and waits outside. Preeta shows Pihu’s new dress to him.

Srishti forgot that what Rishabh asked her to buy and she asks about it to Sameer. He calls Rishabh and asks him that what the latter asked to buy. Rishabh tells him that he don’t remember now. Srishti tells him to ask Sherlyn so the latter replies that Sherlyn is not in the house. Sameer tells him that he saw Sherlyn near MR road. Rishabh asks him to return house and thinks that Police station located in near MR road only.

Sherlyn meets Prithvi and asks him to not worry now because she will get him out. He tells her that he should have listened her. She tells him that it’s just a small problem and they have faced bigger problem than this. She informs him that she already talked to Lawyer for his bail. He tells her that he is behind the bars because of Preeta and he hates her the most now.

Karan tells Preeta that he didn’t liked it when she was not with him. She tells him that now they are together and asks him to not think too much. He tells her that it would be difficult for him to live without her. She tells him that, that situation won’t come and hugs him.

Pihu stops Sonakshi from entering the toy room. Sonakshi barges into the room and sees Karan and Preeta in hugging position. Karan asks her that what she wants. She tells him that nothing important. Pihu notices her dress and tells Preeta that she want to wear it now. Rishabh recalls that how Sherlyn asked him to give second chance. He tells himself that he want to see everything by himself and leaves for Police station.

Episode ends.

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