Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update: Rajveer learns about goons’s plan

Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with goon leaves from the room. Karan asks Preeta that who was that man. He tells her to not get scared because he can do anything for her. She tries to tell him something. But he interrupts and asks her that why she dragged him behind the curtain. She tells him that she did not do that to romance with him. He tells her that he know her heart beat for him like how his heart beat for her. She tells him that he is wrong.


He tells her that she is lying. He says that he know she loves him ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ). She tells him that she don’t want to talk to him. She tries to leave from there but he stops her. She tells Karan that he is not teenager to talk like this. She says that Karan is bad husband and leaves from there. Karan asks that where Preeta went.

Rishabh asks goon that who is the latter. He says that goon looks familiar. Goon tells him that he never met the latter. Rakhi comes there. Goon runs from there. Rakhi tells Rishabh that she saw Preeta but Preeta is missing. They searches Preeta. Rakhi wonders that where Preeta went. Rishabh tells her to not cry. Rakhi says that today is Diwali but her daughter in law is with her. Rishabh tells her that she is not typically strict mother in law. He says that Rakhi is motherin law for Nidhi too. She tells him that Nidhi is just Shaurya’s mother and she is not Nidhi’s mother in law. He apologizes to her.

Shaurya is angry that Rajveer’s jacket got spoiled. Amy asks Shaurya to calm down. Shanaya stares Shaurya. Daljeet teases Shanaya for staring Shaurya. Shanaya tells her that she feel like Shaurya likes Palki. Daljeet tells her that that’s not possible. Shaurya’s girl friend comes there and meets  Shaurya. Daljeet tells Shanaya to do something.

Goons catches Kritika. Preeta comes there and warns goons to not harm Kritika. Kritika requests goons to not harm Preeta. Preeta tells Kritika to not get afraid of goons. She tries to attack goons. Goons attacks Kritika and they makes Preeta unconscious.

Shaurya takes his girl friend to his room. He romances with her. Shanaya sees this and enters the room. She asks Shaurya that what is he doing when he is engaged. She scolds Shaurya’s girl friend and leaves from there. Shaurya tells his girl friend that he can explain everything. She leaves from there.

Varun asks Rajveer that when the latter fell for Palki. Rajveer recalls the moments he shared with Palki. He tells him that he don’t know when he fell for Palki. Kavya takes Shaurya’s jacket and gives it to Rajveer. Later, Goons talks about theft. They decides to be careful. Rajveer hears this.

Episode ends.

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