Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2024 Written Update: Kareena tells truth to Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2024 On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Aarohi asks Nidhi that why Kareena supports the latter. Nidhi says that Kareena hates Preeta that’s why supports her. Kareena asks Mahesh that what happened. Preeta saved them from goons. Aarohi tells Mahesh to keep Karan away from Preeta because bank incident may repeat. Mahesh asks her to not overthink. Kareena says that Aarohi is right.

Rakhi decides to go and search Dadi. Preeta tells Rakhi that the latter can’t go in that way because goons are there. Rakhi asks Preeta that who gave the latter rights to stop her. She runs from there and gets caught by goons. She screams for help. Preeta goes to help Rakhi. Karan comes there and beat goons up. Rajveer also comes there and beat goons up. He gets shocked seeing leader of the goons face. Luthras escapes from there. Leader of the goons tells his team member to kill Preeta. He shows Preeta’s photo to Goon.

Kavya decides to go and help her family. Roma asks Kavya to not go. Varun tells Kavya that he will go with her. They leaves from there. Goons chases them.

Karan tells Preeta to not go that way. Preeta asks him that why he tries to control her. She says that she want to fight against goons and Karan can’t force her to do anything. He tells her that she is his responsibility. She tells him that she has ‘dil ka rishta’ with Luthras and she will save them from goons. He smiles hearing her.

Rajveer calls Anshuman but no response from other side. He notices Anshuman’s detective and asks what’s happening there. He says that he saw leader of the goons in Anshuman’s office. Detective accepts that Anshuman sent goons to steal file. He says that goons are danger people and they can even murder anyone. Rajveer says that he won’t let that happen and leaves from there.

Kavya, Roma and Varun hides in the room. Kavya asks Alia that who is the latter. Alia says that Varun know her. Roma says that Alia came to meet her. Alia says that she came to meet Kavya. She gets shocked learning that Roma is Varun’s mother. Varun diverts the topic and takes Kavya from there. Goons catches Roma. Alia hides in the cupboard.

Shaurya sees unconscious Palki. He thinks that Palki is sleeping. He blames Palki and Rajveer for his life problems. He pours water on her face. Rajveer comes there and scolds Shaurya. They argues with each other. Palki regains her consciousness. Goons comes there and takes Palki from there without Rajveer and Shaurya’s knowledge. Shaurya and Rajveer goes to search Palki.

Preeta asks Karan to not follow her. Karan tells her that he cares about her. She tells him that he is trying to divert her. She asks him to not underestimate her. He asks her to be safe and he will handle everything.

Kavya asks Varun about Alia. Varun asks her that whether she is jealous. She tells him that it’s not time to talk about it.

Rakhi asks Karan to come with her. Karan tells her that they should take Preeta with them. Rakhi says that they don’t need Preeta. Preeta asks Rakhi that what wrong she did. Kareena says that she hates Preeta for hurting Luthras.

Episode ends.

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