Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2020 Written Update: Mahira’s fake kidnapping

Episode begins with Rishab says Karan is mature enough to take decision for himself and says he lied to them that Sameer asked him to divorce Sherlyn because he wanted to make them understand their mistake. He says no one can interfere in Karan’s life. He apologize to them if he sounds rude but he can’t tolerate these talks against Karan.

Ramona thinks for Mahira’s happiness today Preeta should be jailed for forever. Preeta asks is she that important for him that he is doing all these for her? Karan says few questions answers are very easy but still we can’t say that. She cries hearing him and he wipes her tears. She asks he really gonna marry Mahira? Before he replies her, he gets call from Mahira and goes outside to attend the call.

Mahira informs Karan that she is on her way to court, his promise matters to her so she will reach the court for sure. Few goons tries to kidnap Mahira and Karan hears her shouts so decides to go to her. Karan asks Ramona to tell the password because he have track Mahira’s location. Kareena asks why Karan seems tensed? After getting the password Karan goes from there in his car without saying anything.

On the other side, goons searching Mahira and says Mahira should not reach the court. One lady constable gives water to Preeta and says always good will happen with good people so asks her to believe the God. Preeta thinks from whom he got call that he left from there without saying anything to her. Mahira calls Karan and informs him that few goons are behind her and they doesn’t wants her to reach the court. She tells she is so afraid and asks him save her. That time goons comes there and kidnaps Mahira.

Sristy tells Sarla that she is not able to talk with Karan. Sarla says she should not have believed Karan. Janki says they didn’t had any other choice too and consoles her.Sarla gets worried thinking Mahira too still didn’t reached the court because they needs her for Preeta’s release. Karan thinks who doesn’t wants Preeta’s release and who knows that Mahiragoona speak in favor of Preeta in the court.

Mahira slaps the goon and scolds him saying she planned everything perfectly but he spoiled her plan by showing his face. Goon says she acted very well so no one will doubt her kidnapping. She says her father should not know that she only hired them to kidnap her. And thinks if her father comes to know about her doings then it won’t be good for her. She calls Sherlyn and asks about court hearing.

Sherlyn says it started and asks why Mahira didn’t reach the court still? Mahira says if she came to court then Preeta will be released but she don’t want that to happen because if Preeta is outside then Mahira have to face many problems. Even though Karan promised her still she doubts him that after Preeta’s release he won’t took Mahira’s side that’s why she did fake kidnapping of herself.

Episode ends.