Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Update: Shaurya hurts Palki

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan realises that Preeta is not even wearing nuptial chain. He wonders whether Preeta is avoiding nuptial chain and vermilion because she is angry at him. Preeta comes out of the washroom and tells Karan that she was trying to wipe the vermilion. He asks her that why she tried to wipe the vermilion. He hears his phone ringing sound and goes inside.

On the other hand, Shaurya enters his room with Rajveer’s bouquet. Sandy asks Shaurya what is the latter’s plan. Shaurya says that it’s not easy to understand him. He applies chemical powder on the bouquet. He tells Sandy that this chemical powder won’t affect the bouquet but if anyone touched it then, their hand will be burned. Sandy asks Shaurya that for whom the latter planned this. Shaurya reveals that it’s for Palki. He says that Palki’s hand will get burnt when she picks the bouquet and Palki will remember pain whenever she sees the roses and she will hate Rajveer.

Karan finds his phone in Rajveer’s room. He also notices Rajveer’s childhood photo with Preeta. He sees all the photos. He recalls that how Nurse said she thought Rajveer is Karan’s son. He realises that Rajveer is Luthra.

Shaurya keeps Rajveer’s bouquet on the table. Dance performance of Rajveer and Palki gets over. Everyone claps. Shaurya says that Rajveer, Palki and Varun, Shanaya danced really well. Sandy pushes Rajveer’s bouquet. Palki notices bouquet is on the floor. Kavya is about to pick the bouquet but Shaurya holds Kavya’s hand.

On the other hand, Daljeet asks Preeta that why there is vermilion on the latter’s forehead. Preeta says that it happened by accident. Daljeet asks Preeta that who did it. Preeta says that Karan applied it. Daljeet gets excited hearing this. She asks whether anything going on between Preeta and Karan. Palki says that she dropped the puja plate by mistake so while helping her Karan applied vermilion on her forehead. Daljeet says that even films same thing happens.

Karan comes there and he is about to ask Preeta that whether Rajveer is Luthra but stops himself. He thinks that Preeta never told him about Rajveer so he will collect more proof to prove that Rajveer is Rudra. He decides to fight with Preeta after finding more proof and leaves from there. Daljeet tells Preeta that Karan talk to the latter like he know her from many years. Preeta tells Daljeet that she also feels loved one feeling for Karan. Karan says that he will bring the truth out for sure and he know a way to do that.

Palki takes the bouquet. Sandy tells her that he pushed it by mistake. Kavya feels burning sensation and drops the bouquet. Kavya goes to bring ice cubes. Rajveer says that Palki’s hand became red. Later, Rajveer takes Palki to the hospital. Kavya realises that Shaurya is behind this. She calls him but no response from other side.

Episode ends.

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