Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2020 Written Update: Mahira and Sherlyn joins hand together against Preeta

Episode begins with everyone goes towards Dadi and Rishab takes Dadi to her room. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to bring first aid box. Mahira goes to upstairs and sees the oil and comes to know that Sherlyn did everything deliberately. Sherlyn goes to her room to take first aid box and she is upset because her plan failed. Mahira comes there and says she saw everything. Mahira asks did she planned this with Preeta to stop her marriage. Sherlyn gets shocks hearing this and says she is the only one who wants this marriage to happen and says she hates Preeta. She says Rakhi insulted her , Karan and Rishab too took Rakhi’s side that’s why she did this to hurt Rakhi. She assures Mahira that she is not against her. Mahira says Sherlyn did wrong and she gonna tell the truth to everyone. Sherlyn stops her and says by saying the truth Mahira won’t get anything and Rakhi will keep loving Preeta and will just hate Sherlyn nothing else.

Mahira says if she tells the truth then Rakhi will pamper her and she will become Rakhi’s favorite person too. Sherlyn says it won’t happen and says she can help her to earn trust from everyone. She asks her to promise that she won’t tell her truth to anyone. She says they have to support each other. Mahira says she doesn’t wants to be like Sherlyn and goes from there.

Rishab puts Dadi on her bed and calls the doctor. Dadi in so much pain that she doesn’t let anyone touch her feet. Mahira comes there. Rishab says doctor is unavailable but his assistant Ravi can treat her. Dadi denies to take treatment from him. Rishab asks is she okay to take treatment from Preeta? Kareena says she won’t let Preeta come inside the house. That time Sherlyn comes there. Rishab says Preeta is Dadi’s physiotherapist and she knows her medical history too so she can treat Dadi well.

Dadi asks will Preeta agree to treat her? Karan says if Preeta comes to know that Dadi in pain then she will come definitely. Mahira gets shocks listening this. Karan calls Preeta and tells about Dadi. Preeta says to Sarla that she have to go to luthra house to treat Dadi. Sarla says she should not go there.

On the other side, Sameer waits for Sristy and Sristy comes there. He asks where she wants to go? She says him to go to any restaurant and teases him saying he is a coward. To prove her wrong he says he is taking her to the ice cream shop which is nearby her home. She gets excited hearing this. Sristy says the hate is decreasing between Karan and Preeta. Sameer says he too noticed that.

Mahira says she knows one doctor and will call him but Karan stops her and says Dadi just need Preeta . Rishab agrees with him.

Preeta tries to convince Sarla but Sarla isn’t ready to listen her. Preeta says Dadi must be in pain. Sarla says for her just her daughter’s pain matters and says till now they just used her, now too trying to do same and later they will insult her again. She says she can’t tolerate Preeta’s insult again.

Mahira comes to the kitchen and recalls Sherlyn and Karan’s words. Sherlyn comes there and gives water to Mahira and tries to go from there. But Mahira stops her and says she needs her help. Mahira apologize to Sherlyn for her behavior and says she wants to be favorite for everyone.

Preeta says she is a doctor and she have to treat her patients no matter what. Sarla asks Preeta to promise that she will go there as doctor Preeta not as Preeta arora and she should not tolerate any insult of them. Preeta promises her.

Episode ends.