Kundali Bhagya 11th November 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi wears Karan’s gift

Kundali Bhagya 11th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi asks Sherlyn about Sanjana’s health condition. She informs him that everything was Preeta’s plan to save Rishabh. She tells him that she knows him very well because she is also like that only and if she was here then she would have saved him but he was behind Preeta and Kritika. He apologizes to her. She tells him that she is going to meet the Lawyer to discuss about his case. He asks her to not do that today because Preeta and Rishabh may suspect her if she was not present in the house to celebrate Diwali then. She tells him that she don’t care about it now.

Rishabh enters the Police station and learns that one woman came to meet Prithvi. Sherlyn hides there after seeing Rishabh. Prithvi lies to Rishabh that his mother came to meet him. Sherlyn leaves from there. Rishabh asks Prithvi to accept that Sherlyn came to meet him. Prithvi tells him that Sherlyn came to meet him because she loves him so much and asks him to leave her. Constable asks Rishabh to not believe Prithvi because criminals always do this to break someone else’s family. Prithvi praises him for catching his lie.

Rishabh taunts him. Prithvi tells him that the latter getting affected by his comment. Rishabh tells him that he saw what he wanted to see and the latter can’t affect him. He says to him that the latter’s cheap mind games definitely can’t affect him. He mocks him and leaves from there. Prithvi tells himself that Rishabh barking like a dog and he will make sure to destroy Luthra’s after his release.

On the other hand, Srishti tells Rakhi that house glowing after decorations. Mahesh returns from shopping and gives puja ingredients to Rakhi. Sameer also gives the shopping bags to her. Preeta asks everyone to close their eyes saying that surprise waiting for them. Then they gets surprised seeing Pihu in new dress and they compliments her. Kareena does not like the dress and she informs about it to Dadi. Srishti tells Preeta that she is going to Arora house to get ready.

Rishabh asks Girish about Sherlyn and he goes to his room. Sherlyn notices that he seems angry and enters the room. She asks him to talk to everyone on festival instead of sitting like this alone. He tells her that Sameer saw her in the Police station road so he visited Prithvi and even he said that she met him. He says to her that he want to trust her words and asks her that did she met Prithvi.

She tells him that she didn’t visit Prithvi. She asks him that how can he believe Prithvi’s words. He tells her that if he suspected her then he would not have confronted her. She tells him that he misunderstood her last time also and now he started suspecting her for every small matter. She shows blouse and receipt to him and informs him that she went to stitch this blouse that’s it.

Preeta takes Karan’s gift and goes to the washroom. Sonakshi wears Karan’s gift and sees Preeta taking the wrong dress. Karan sees Sonakshi from behind and assumes her as Preeta and follows her. Kritika removes her nuptial chain and cries recalling the recent incident. Karan backhugs Sonakshi and when she touches his cheek he leaves her.

Episode ends.

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