Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2024 Written Update: Kritika saves Palki

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2024 On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta asks Kareena that when did she hurt them. Karan asks Kareena to stop it. Kareena tells him that he is good businessman but he failed as a family member. She says that maybe Preeta is pretending like she don’t remember anything. Karan asks her to not say anything because it’s not right time. Rakhi asks him that when right time will come. Kareena tells Preeta to stay away from Luthras. Preeta asks them that what she did. Kareena says that Preeta is unlucky for Luthras.

Preeta asks Kareena that how can the latter say like this. Karan tells her that she did nothing. Preeta says that she want to know what wrong she did. Rakhi says that she will tell the truth. Karan stops her. Preeta says that truth comes out one day for sure. She adds that there is a reason that’s why they hates her. She demands the truth from Kareena. Karan warns Kareena to not say anything.

Preeta asks why she should not know the truth. Kareena says that she remember everything. She tells Preeta that Karan got shot in the bank because of the latter. She says that they are angry at Preeta because of this reason. They sees goons and escapes from there.

Kareena tells Rakhi that she is glad the latter understood the real face of Preeta. Rakhi tells Kareena that no one matters for her than Karan. She says that her family ends up in danger whenever Preeta is around them. She adds that she trust Nidhi more than Preeta. Mahesh comes there and takes them from there.

Preeta enters the room and door gets jammed. Karan asks Preeta to open the door. He realises that door is jammed. He sees goons and runs from there. Nidhi drags Karan and hides behind curtain. Goons searches Luthras. Karan tells Nidhi to stay in the room. He says that he will bring his family members there and leaves from there.

Shaurya and Rajveer searches Palki. Shaurya says that he know Rajveer is behind all this. Rajveer warns Shaurya to not blame him. Shaurya says that Rajveer is fake person. Rajveer says that it’s waste to talk to Shaurya and leaves from there. Meanwhile, leader of the goons tells goons brings Preeta to him. He says that they should bring everyone together after that only they can steal.

Goons points gun towards Palki. He says that he will get money after killing her. Palki tells him that he won’t get any money for killing her. He tries to shoot her. Kritika comes there and saves Palki. She runs from there with Palki. Rajveer gets relieved seeing Palki. Kritika asks Shaurya about goons. Palki reveals that how Kritika saved her from goon. They runs from there after seeing Goons.

Karan calls Police inspector and informs him about goons. Police inspector tells Karan that they will reach Luthra ladies. Nidhi thinks that she has to make sure Preeta gets killed before police comes. She tells Karan that she will try to convince the goons.

Episode ends.

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