Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2021 Written Update: Kritika assumes that Rishabh returned to India

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan wished Preeta happy valentine's day

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Episode begins with Srishti reveals that how she and Sameer kidnapped Karan from Police custody. Sameer tells them that Srishti emotionally blackmailed him to do that and moreover he can’t leave the unconscious Karan just like that, that’s why he did that. Karan decides to surrender himself to the Police tells them that he will inform the Police that he chased theif. Preeta agrees with him and asks him to surrender himself to the Police because breaking law is wrong.

Rakhi stops Karan from leaving the house and supports Srishti and Sameer’s decision. Srishti gets happy hearing her and tells Preeta and Karan that she did the right thing. Preeta asks her to stay silent. Rakhi tells Srishti to take Preeta and Karan’s mobile. Karan tells them that he don’t have his mobile.

Srishti takes Preeta’s mobile and leaves the room. Sameer follows her. Rakhi tells Preeta that she will send milk for Karan and leaves the room. Karan says to Preeta that his family members are mad. She tells him that it shows their love and hugs him and asks him to not go anywhere. He tells her that he won’t go anywhere.

Deepali tells Kritika that her patient doing fine but just stressed about something and asks her to open the door for Sherlyn’s husband. Kritika shocks hearing Sherlyn’s name and informs Deepali that she knows Sherlyn and assumes that Rishabh returned to India. She plans to surprise Rishabh and asks her to not tell anything to Sherlyn.

Prithvi calls Megha. She scolds him for disconnecting her calls. He tells her that he don’t have money so he can’t give her money. She tells him that she is not begging him but blackmailing him so he can’t say like that and if he won’t give money then he should get ready to face the consequences.

Karan tells Preeta that he can’t stay. She tells him that she knows that, he need to leave and he need not to worry about her. He tells her that she made him good person otherwise he never thought about right and wrong. She tells him that they will explain others. He tells her that she was just a headache for him in the past. She asks him that what he thinks about her now.

Mahesh says to Rakhi that Karan is right and he should surrender himself to the Police. Pammi supports Rakhi’s decision. Rakhi tells Mahesh that Srishti want to say something. Srishti tells them that Karan is really famous personality so soon the Police will come to Luthra house to search Karan and they should lie to the Police about Karan.

Karan asks Preeta to not tell anyone and makes her sit on the table and talks about her love for him ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ). She reminds him that now they are talking about his feelings. He tells her that all of his feelings belongs to her only. She gets emotional hearing him and hugs him. He kisses on her cheek.

Episode ends.

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