Kundali Bhagya 12th November 2021 Written Update: Luthra’s consoles Kritika

Kundali Bhagya 12th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan gets shocks seeing Sonakshi wearing his gift. She asks him that why he hugged her. He tells her that he assumed her as Preeta that’s it. He apologizes to her and leaves from there. She tells herself that she is happy that he hugged her. She wants him to get close to her in this Diwali and praises her plan. He notices that Preeta wearing different dress. Preeta also notices him and wonders that why he seems upset when she wore his gift.

Sonakshi sees them and smriks thinking that she knows that why he is upset with Preeta. She thinks that Preeta wearing Karan’s least favourite color dress. Preeta is about move towards Karan but Sonakshi stops her and asks her that how is she looking. Preeta compliments her and tells her that looks like this dress made for her only. Karan wonders that why she is saying like this and it’s looks like she is insulting his gift. Sonakshi thanks Preeta for gifting this dress and Karan hears it and leaves from there. Preeta tells her that she didn’t gift it. Sonakshi nods at her.

Pihu tells Rishabh that she is going to play with firecracker. Rishabh and Karan asks her to not play alone because she is kid. She tells them that she is not kid and she complaints about them to Kritika. Kritika defends her saying that Pihu is big girl and also smart. Preeta comes there and asks her to not get upset. Kritika blames herself saying that Prithvi entered the house because of her and apologizes to her. Preeta tells her that it was not the latter’s mistake in fact wrong happened with her.

Rishabh tells them that he could not stop her marriage with Prithvi so it’s his mistake. Karan tells them that he would not have back off if she didn’t talked about suicide then. Preeta asks them to not talk about all this on Diwali day. She tells Kritika to smile and celebrate Diwali with them. Srishti comes there. Luthra’s performs puja. Sonakshi is about to join Karan but Preeta stops her and moves towards Karan. Sonakshi thinks that today Preeta hurted her and soon she will take her place.

Srishti and Sameer takes Pihu to change her dress. Pihu tells them that she prayed for cute sister. Srishti tells Sameer that God may fulfill Pihu’s prayer. Sonakshi overhears their conversation. Pihu asks Srishti and Sameer to leave the room so she can change dress. Sonakshi plans to destroy Preeta’s happiness. Preeta thanks God. She asks Karan that why he seemed upset and he didn’t even compliment her. He tells her that she always looks pretty for him.

Sonakshi enters Pihu’s room. Pihu asks her to leave the room so she can change dress. Sonakshi tells her that Preeta asked her to not change dress and gives firecrackers to her saying that Preeta asked her to give it to her. Meanwhile, Mahesh compliments Rishabh and Karan’s smile. Kareena notices Kritika and feels bad for her. She feels that happiness will return in Kritika’s life. Karan and Rishabh consoles her.

Episode ends.

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