Kundali Bhagya 13th February 2020 Written Update: Sarla slaps Karan by believing Sherlyn’s lies

Episode begins with Sherlyn says she is not enemy of Sarla but Karan cheated them this time. Sarla doesn’t believes her. Sherlyn requests Sarla to don’t trust Karan blindly because he won’t save Preeta and says Karan doesn’t wants Preeta’s release that’s why he and Mahira together planned everything against Preeta. Sarla says it can’t be true because Sherlyn gave the video proof to police and she only bought their lawyer too and tries to go from there.

Sherlyn stops her and says she hates Preeta and she will do anything to hurt Preeta but Sarla believes Karan blindly when he won’t help her for Preeta’s release. She says Karan and Mahira loves each other and Preeta’s release will create problems for them that’s why they don’t wants Preeta’s release. Mahira didn’t came to court because Karan planned romantic lunch date with her. Sarlacryingly says Karan can’t do like this. Sherlyn brainwashed Sarla against Karan successfully.

Sherlyn says Karan already brokedSarla trust many times and he gonna do that again so asks Sarla to not trust Karan again. She says Karan will support Mahira only because she is his childhood friend and love too so for Mahira he will cheat Preeta definitely.

Karan meets Preeta and says he tried a lot to reach court on time but he doesn’t able to and apologizes to her. Preeta says she knows he tried and she understands him too and cries. Police takes her from there.

Rishab asks Karan who kidnapped Mahira? Mahira hugs Karan tightly and cries in front of everyone. Karan too hugs her back to console her. Sarla comes there and sees them, angrily goes towards them after separating Mahira from Karan she continuesly slaps Karan. Rakhi and others tries to stop Sarla. Karan says no one should interfere because Sarla have full rights on him.

Sarla asks why he betrayed them, why he lied to her? She says because of him tomorrow Preeta will get punishment and says it’s very difficult to handle ourself when someone brokes our trust. She says she feels like to curse him.Rakhi requests Sarla to not curse Karan.Sarla says she did mistake by trusting him. Ramona says she won’t hear a word against Karan and asks Sarla to stay silent. Karan shouts at Ramona for interfering between him and Sarla.

Karan asks Sarla to believe him and says he didn’t betrayed them. She says she won’t believe him and his fake tears. Karan says few goons kidnapped Mahira that’s why he didn’t able to reach the court on time. Mahira agrees with Karan. Sarla says she won’t believe them both lying to her. Dadi takes Karan and Rakhi with her and everyone follows them except Sarla.

Preeta recalls Karan’s promise and her moments with him. Sristy comes to Sarla and shocks seeing her crying. Sarla tells Sristy that Karan betrayed them. Sristy asks who told her this? Sarla takes Sherlyn’s name. Sristy asks how can Sarla believe Sherlyn? Sarla says she believes Sherlyn because Sherlyn tells the truth this time and cries. Sristy consoles her.

Episode ends.