Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn plans to kill Preeta

Episode begins with Sarla gives permission to Preeta and Preeta leaves from her house to treat Dadi. On the other side, Mahira says everyone should love her not Preeta. Sherlyn says it can happen after Preeta’s death only and says then only Mahira can earn trust and love from everyone. Mahira gets shocks listening this. Rakhi tries to put ointment but Dadi stops her and says it will be painful for her if Rakhi touch her feet. Kareena taunts Preeta and says still she didn’t came to treat Dadi. Rishab says he will go to pick Preeta but Karan stops him and says he will go to pick her and goes from there. Rishab says to Kareena that Sarla would have stopped Preeta. Kareena says they were always behind luthra’s money so Sarla would not have done that. Dadi says to Kareena that she should behave nicely with Preeta when she comes. Rishab asks Dadi to take rest.

Preeta reaches luthra’s house. Karan and Preeta collides with each other. Karan catches her before she falls down and he recalls their fall and catch moments. Preeta too recalls their sweet moments. That time Mahira comes there and sees this. Sherlyn too comes there and thinks now it will be easy for her to provoke Mahira. Preeta stands straight and says he only collided with her but Karan denies her and says she only collided with him. Both argue with each other. Then Preeta realize she is getting late to treat Dadi and apologize to Karan. He gets happy hearing her sorry and smiles teasingly and Preeta goes from there. Karan too follows her. Mahira cries seeing this.

Sameer and Sristy eating ice cream. He says from now she should stop calling him as coward. Sristy says Sarla coming to their side, he gets afraid hearing that later comes to know she pranked him. But in real Sarla and Janki aunty comes there.Sameer sees them and tells this to Sristy. But Sristy doesn’t believe him and says he is trying to prank her now. Then She hears Sarla’s voice. Sameer and Sristy both hides there.

Preeta comes to Dadi’s room and treats her. Rishab says now he is tension free because Preeta will treat Dadi well. Rakhi agrees with him. Preeta asks about some medical box. Rakhi says it’s in store room. Preeta gives pain killer to Dadi and goes to store room. Rishab stops her and says he can understand her situation and says thanks to her for coming to treat Dadi.

Sarla sees Sameer and thinks him as vegetable seller. That time original vegetable seller comes there. Sameer says to him that he is just helping him. Janki aunty sees Sristy and Sameer. Sristy requests her to not tell this to Sarla. Janki aunty and Sarla goes from there.

Sristy gets call from Preeta. Preeta says now she is in luthra house and tells about Dadi. She goes towards store room and Karan follows her to ask about Dadi’s condition. Sristy happily says to Sameer that Preeta in his home. Sameer too gets happy and says soon Karan and Preeta will be together.

Episode ends.