Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update: Preeta searches Karan’s belonging in Arjun room

Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Srishti tells Preeta that they saw Karan’s belongings which he was wearing that day. Meanwhile, Arjun wears Karan’s locket and thinks that now he feel like Karan and says he has only this. He puts the locket in the drawer. Srishti asks Preeta that how they are going to search Arjun’s room. Preeta tells her that Arjun will allow income tax officers. She suggests to enter Arjun’s house as income tax officers and raid the house. She says that during raid they can find out if Arjun has any Karan’s belonging or not. 

Next day, Preeta and Srishti disguises themselves as income tax officers and they barges into Arjun’s house with Srishti’s friend. Dadi tries to stop them. Srishti’s friend tells Dadi that no one is allowed to leave the house until they completes the raid. He asks her that if she lives alone. Srishti and Preeta hides. Anjali comes there and questions him. He shows his identity card to her. She says that, that must be fake identity card. Dadi tells her that his assistants came with him. Anjali tries to remove his beard but fails. He tells her that she will be punished for insulting a government officer. She goes inside to call Arjun. Dadi makes him fall down deliberately. She helps him to stand up and asks him to not give any complaint against her. Srishti tells Preeta to trust her friend. 

In the office, Arjun sees Preeta’s photo and recalls that how she saved her in the flight. He wonders that if he should tell the truth to Luthras. Anjali leaves the house because Arjun did not pick the call. Preeta and Srishti searches Arjun’s room. 

In the Luthra house, Rakhi ignores Mahesh. Mahesh asks her to eat. She tells him that he don’t understand her so she won’t understand him. He tells her that if she thinks he don’t miss his son. He asks her that if she know why Arjun don’t call them as family if he is Karan then. He tells her that she don’t understand him and leaves from there angrily. Dadi tells Rakhi that she can understand their pain and they are not wrong. Rakhi goes inside. Dadi asks God to bring the truth out if Arjun is Karan then. 

Anjali reaches the office and scolds Arjun for not picking her calls. She notices Preeta’s photo and reminds him that Preeta tried to kill him. Arjun scolds her for speaking against Preeta. He tells her that she is his friend and Preeta is his love. He realizes that what he said and says that Preeta was his love. He asks her that what happened. She informs him about IT raid. 

Srishti tells her friend to help them to search Karan’s belonging. Preeta asks Srishti’s friend about his job. She gets shocked learning that he is a police officer. She apologizes to him for bothering him. Srishti tells Preeta that they don’t have time for this. She says that they have to finish their work before Arjun comes. They gets shocked hearing door bell ringing sound. 

Episode ends. 

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