Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2020 Written Update: Sristy informs Karan about Rishab’s kidnap

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta tells Sristy about Mahira’s message and Rishab’s kidnap. Sristy shocks hearing that. Preeta asks her to not shout otherwise Sarla may hear her voice and says she followed the kidnapper and reached the hotel room where he took Rishab with him. She says she planned something and doing that she will save Rishab for sure. Sristy says Preeta is in danger and she thought Preeta went to luthra house. She says she even informed Sameer about Preeta’s arrival. Preeta says she doesn’t have time to talk all this, she have to go inside to save Rishab.

Sristy says Kidnapper would be such a dangerous person so Preeta should not go alone inside. She says she feels like today Preeta’s horoscope going to become true and she is so afraid for her. She says she will reach hotel then both will go inside. Preeta says they doesn’t have that much time. She asks her to give 10minutes time, if she didn’t called her in 10minutes then Sristy can come to hotel. She says she is sure about saving Rishab and cuts the call. Sristy calls Karan to inform about Rishab’s kidnapping. Karan cuts her call saying now Sristy calling him because he didn’t attend Preeta’s call. He calls Sameer and asks him to come to his room soon.

Mahira asks Sherlyn to come to terrace saying she have something to talk about Rishab. Preeta knocks the door of hotel room, when Rana opened it she enters the room and starts to search Rishab after hitting the kidnapper. She gets happy seeing Rishab and tries to wake him. Rishab comes to conscious. Preeta says she will save him. Rana comes there and says he won’t leave her for tricking him. She asks who is he. Rana says she made big mistake by coming here now she have to face everything. He makes her unconscious and Rishab too goes to unconscious mood.

Prithvi gets the property papers from lawyer. He gets happy thinking now he will get property and Preeta. Sristy asks Sarla to open the door. She thinks what if Sarla too went to luthra house because she heard Preeta went to luthra house. She gets tensed because 10minutes over but still Preeta didn’t called her so she calls Sameer. Karan attends Sristy call and shocks knowing Rishab’s kidnap and Preeta too is in trouble now. Karan asks where is Preeta now and asks why she didn’t informed him first. Sristy says she called him but he didn’t pick her call. He says he thought Preeta calling him from her mobile that’s why. She says it would have been good if Preeta is also stone hearted like him but unfortunately she is not like him and went to help Rishab. Prithvi calls Rana and gets to know about Preeta, without knowing that Rana talking about Preeta he tells him to kill her because she knows their plan now. He asks him to push her from balcony and get double amount. Rana was about to push her but stops hearing Prithvi’s shout. Prithvi shocks seeing Preeta’s face in video call and threatens Rana to not to do anything to Preeta.

Karan asks Sristy to tell the address. Sristy asks him to promise that he will put full effort to save Preeta too like he will do for Rishab. He promises to her. Sristy tells the address. Sherlyn hears him. Karan says Preeta won’t get his attention even though she tried to save Rishab and comes outside through window.

Episode ends.