Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn, Mahira try to kill Mahesh

Episode begins with Mahira asks Karan to open the door. Preeta was about to go outside seeing Mahira but Karan stops her and kisses her hand and he wants to talk something important. Mahira shockingly asks what he wants to talk with Preeta? Preeta says it’s between husband and wife so Mahira should not interfere. Karan again locks the door from inside. Mahira asks Sherlyn that why Preeta too in drunken state?

Preeta closes the curtain too so Mahira can’t see from outside. Mahira gets hyper thinking Karan and Preeta in same room and what will happen if family members came to know about it. Sherlyn says they have to hide it from family members.

Kareena says she is going to Mahesh’s room and takes Sherlyn, Mahira to with her. Kareena says she is so happy today because Mahesh came out from coma and tells him about Mahira and Karan’s marriage. Mahira says they have to wait outside because Mahesh needs rest now. Everyone goes outside, Sherlyn was adjusting Mahesh’s pillows , he says he will tells her truth to everyone. Sherlyn shocks hearing that. Kareena comes inside and goes to call Rishab. Preeta becomes normal and thinks how she reached Karan’s room, she doesn’t remembers anything. Karan too wakes up and holds her hand in his half sleep.

Sherlyn says if Mahesh became fine then their life will become hell. Mahira asks why Sherlyn is afraid of Mahesh and says Karan too told he will marry her once Mahesh becomes fine. Sherlyn says Mahesh will throw her out of the house and Mahira doesn’t have anyone else to get support in luthra house. She says everything will be finished because she make luthra’s believe that Preeta is responsible for Mahesh’s condition but in real she is responsible for his condition, so once he tells the truth to everyone luthra’s will bring back Preeta and Mahira have to leave the house. Mahira shocks hearing that. Mahesh sits on wheelchair and comes outside to tell the truth to Rishab.

Preeta asks Karan to leave her hand. He says he won’t leave until she says the 3 magical words. She gets confused hearing that. Mahira and Sherlyn sees Mahesh. Mahira gets hyper and says they have to kill him and they doesn’t have any other option. Sherlyn says she will push him from upstairs and will put the blame on Preeta.

Sherlyn confesses to him that his accident happened because of Prithvi and pushes him, but his hand stuck with wheelchair. Sherlyn gets nervous seeing that . Mahira comes there and says she didn’t came to help him and releases his hand from wheelchair and pushes him. He falls down. Preeta comes there hearing Mahesh’s voice. Sherlyn and Mahira hides seeing Preeta there. Preeta shouts for help. Everyone reaches there and shocks seeing blood on Mahesh’s head. Episode ends.