Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update: Varun makes Kavya unconscious

Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer lies to goons that he don’t know the password. Leader of the goons beat Rajveer up. He warns Rajveer to tell the truth. Rajveer tells the wrong password again. Leader of the goons understands that Rajveer telling the wrong password deliberately. He tells his team member that Rajveer won’t tell the correct password. He says that Karan loves Preeta according to Nidhi so password must be Preeta’s birthday date.

Goon tells Leader of the goons that password must be related to life of this house. He says that Rakhi is life of Luthra house and Karan loves Rakhi so much. He adds that Rakhi’s birthday date must be password of Karan’s locker. He opens the locker and takes Anshuman’s file. Rajveer gets shocked seeing this. He tells goons that he won’t them take the file from there. Leader of the goons threatens to shoot Rajveer. But Shaurya comes there and saves Rajveer from goons. Sandy also helps Shaurya. They locks goons inside the room and runs from there.

Anshuman watches the news and learns that police and media reached Luthra house. He thinks that he can’t call goons now. Police inspector tells his team that they can’t go inside for Luthras safety. He says that they should bring goons out of the room. Journalist overhears this conversation. Leader of the goons comes to the hall. He orders ladies to remove their jewels.

Nidhi asks Karan that what is he searching. Karan picks Police inspector’s call. Police inspector tells Karan to come out of the house with others. Nidhi tells Police inspector that she will tell goons to leave the guests at least. They goes to the hall. Nidhi asks leader of the goons that why he did not kill Preeta yet. He tells her that Preeta is missing. She asks him to kill Preeta soon. She says that she has to become hero in front of Luthras. He nods at her. He pushes Nidhi. He tells Luthras that he won’t hurt them because Nidhi made him understand.

Nidhi tells goons that they got jewels so they should leave her family. Leader of the goons tells his team to search all the cupboard. Karan tells him to leave guests at least. Leader of the goons nods at Karan. Guests runs from there. Journalists reports about it. Police inspector asks Guests about current situation. He learns that murderer Amar is inside.

Varun tells Kavya that they should not go that side because that’s dangerous. Kavya faints. He takes her to a room. He recalls that how he mixed powder in Kavya’s water. He tells her that he did not had any other option than making her unconscious. He says that Kavya would have created problems for him. He puts her in the cupboard and leaves from there.

Everyone hears Karan’s phone ringtone. Leader of the goons tells Karan to pick the call. Police inspector tells Karan to put the phone on speaker. He tells Leader of the goons that he know they came to steal the file. He warns them to take the file and come out. Leader of the goons tells Police inspector to not give warning to him.

Episode ends.

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