Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2020 Written Update: Karan gives gift to Preeta

Episode begins with Preeta comes to store room ,and the lights goes off.Karan too comes there and helps her. He asks Dadi is fine or not? She says Dadi is really fine and he doesn’t need to worry about her. He asks why she put Dadi’s medicine box in store room. She says so it doesn’t get mix with others medicine box. He says thanks to her because she came here to treat Dadi. She says she came here just as a doctor. He says she came here by listening her heart. She tries to go from there but he stops her and says without answering him she can’t go from here. She says maybe it was in her destiny that’s why she came here and goes from there.

Dadi says now she is feeling better and praises Preeta. She says Preeta is really a good doctor. That time Mahira comes there and after listening Dadi she gets worried. Mahira sees Karan and Preeta missing in room and goes to find them.

Karan follows Preeta, because of him her duppata torn. Mahira and Sherlyn too sees that. Preeta mocks Karan and says it’s not new for him to torn her duppata and goes from there. Mahira gets hurt seeing both Karan and Preeta together.

Preeta asks Dadi that how is she feeling now? She replies she is feeling better now. Dadi hugs Preeta and apologize to her for her behavior.Kareena goes from there seeing this. Karan gets impressed seeing the way Preeta treating Dadi. Rishab notices Karan. Karan goes from there and Rishab follows him. Rishab says Preeta handled very well everything and hugs him. Mahira sees that and goes to Kareena and hugs her. Mahira complaints about Preeta to Kareena. She says about all the things Preeta told her on mehanti day at terrace. Mahira says Preeta will separate Karan and Mahira. Kareena says Karan hates Preeta and he is behaving with her nicely because she is treating Dadi that’s why nothing else.

Preeta says Dadi’s treatment over and she is going her home. Rakhi says it’s late night so she can’t go alone. Rishab says he will drop her but Karan interrupts him and says he will drop her. Karan and Preeta goes from there.

Karan recalls store room moments and their today’s all moments. She asks what happened to him? Her home comes. She ask him to stop the car. He gives one shopping bag to her. She opens that and sees 5 duppata there. She says it’s not needed. He says because of him her duppata torned so that’s why he is giving her this and goes from there. Mahira sees all this hiding there.

Episode ends.