Kundali Bhagya 14th June 2021 Written Update: Rakhi decides to divorce Mahesh

Kundali Bhagya 14th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rakhi asks Pammi to stay silent. Police inspector comes there and asks them about Karan. Pammi asks him that who is Karan Luthra because no one lives with that name in their house. Srishti says to her that Police talking about Rakhi’s son Karan. She tells Police inspector that Pammi calls Karan as “kallu” that’s why she got confused when he asked about Karan Luthra. Pammi agrees with her. Police inspector informs them about police jeep’s accident, Karan and Constables were inside the jeep but everyone missing now. Srishti acts like she is shocked hearing about accident.

Rakhi starts crying and everyone questions Police inspector about Karan. Mahesh moves towards Police inspector to say something but Rakhi drags him aside and makes him sit on the sofa and starts crying. She says to Police inspector that the latter is responsible for Karan’s disappearance and he can’t understand her pain. Pammi asks him to bring Karan back. Srishti asks him that what is he doing in the Luthra house instead of searching Karan. Sameer pleads him to search Karan. Police inspector tells them that he will find Karan no matter what.

Rakhi thinks that Karan is in the house only so she should send Police out of the house as soon as possible. She pleads him to go and search Karan. Police leaves from there. Preeta comes downstairs and notices Police leaving the house and says to Rakhi that the latter did wrong. Karan also comes there. Rakhi defends her action and says to Preeta that she won’t let Karan go anywhere. Karan learns that Police inspector came there and decides to leave the house. Srishti attempts to make him fall but Preeta saves him. Karan teasingly tells her that he used to save her but today she saved him and asks her to leave him saying that everyone watching them.

She recalls that how he dropped her and she also drops him then apologize to him. He tells her that it’s paining a lot. She reminds him that how he used to drop her and tells him that she learnt from him only. He video calls Rishabh for help. Rishabh gets happy seeing Karan. Karan is about to tell the truth but Srishti interrupts and informs Rishabh that Police released Karan and asks him to disconnect the call.

Rishabh tells her that how can he disconnect the call when he has so much to talk to Karan. Preeta tries to tell the truth but Pammi interrupts. Rishabh asks them that what exactly happening there. Karan reveals that Police didn’t release him yet. Mahesh tells him that what all Srishti and Sameer did. Rishabh scolds Srishti and Sameer. Rakhi tells him that she is going to divorce Mahesh. Everyone shocks hearing her.

On the other hand, Prithvi knocks Deepali’s house door. Kritika hides behind the door. Deepali opens the door. Kritika shocks hearing Prithvi’s voice.

Karan tells Rishabh that Rakhi emotionally blackmailing Mahesh. Rakhi tells Rishabh that she will keep Karan with her and cries then disconnects the call. Rishabh calls Karan and tells him to surrender himself to Police. Karan asks Srishti about the Constables. Srishti tells him that she left them one place. He tells his family that he is not going anywhere and want to take rest in his room. Rakhi takes him with her.

Episode ends.

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