Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update: Preeta blames Anjali for Rishabh’s accident

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Arjun recalls that how Preeta brought restraining order. He gets in his car. He notices Preeta on the road and stares her ( Yaara song plays in the background ). He leaves from there. In the school, Kavya tells Anjali that she have something to tell her. She tells her that she like her because the latter is a good person and goes inside. School staff sees that. Anjali’s car gets hit with Rishabh’s car by mistake. Anjali and Rishabh loses their consciousness.

In the hospital, Arjun asks Anjali that if she is fine and what happened. Anjali tells him that she was taking the car in reverse then crash happened. He confirms with Nurse that Anjali is fine. Anjali asks him to take care of her because she has been discharged. Meanwhile, Luthras gets worried seeing Rishabh. Sameer tells them that Rishabh is out of danger now. Kareena says that they did not tell about Rishabh’s accident to Rakhi yet. Srishti says that she is glad it’s not a major accident. School staff tells them that it looked like Anjali did this accident deliberately.

Arjun helps Anjali to walk. He asks her to not laugh. Anjali tells him that it was an accident and she is fine. She says that Arjun looks cute in anger. He asks her to give good compliment to him. Preeta calls him as criminal. She says that Anjali did Rishabh’s accident on Arjun’s behest. Arjun asks her that if Rishabh is fine. Anjali apologizes to Preeta saying that it was an hour. Srishti says that Anjali is lying. Preeta says that Anjali did this to impress Arjun because Anjali love Arjun. Arjun warns her to not talk like that about Anjali. Preeta says that she won’t spare Anjali. Arjun takes Anjali from there.

Doctor tells Luthras to stay outside the room because Rishabh needs rest. Sameer tells Luthras that Rakhi coming with Mahesh. Rakhi comes there and cries seeing Rishabh. Preeta tells her that Rishabh will regain his consciousness soon.

Arjun and Anjali reaches the house. Anjali recalls that how Arjun took a stand for her. She tells him that he went against Preeta for her. He tells her that Rishabh is fine still Preeta overreacted. She tells him that she is talking about him but he is talking about Rishabh and Preeta. She says that it looks like Arjun don’t care about her but he got jealous that Preeta fought for Rishabh. She adds that she is glad he took a stand for her. He tells her that she is an important person in his life. He says that she have done so much for him till now.

Rishabh’s condition gets worsen. Rakhi asks God to punish Anjali if she did wrong then. Kareena leaves the hospital. Arjun asks Anjali that what Kavya said. Anjali tells him that Kavya love him so much. Kareena brings police there. She tells Police inspector to arrest Anjali for trying to kill Rishabh.

Episode ends.

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