Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 Written Update: Preeta brings Sonakshi to Luthra house

Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan tells Luthra’s that he arranged blood for Sonakshi so they should leave now. Kareena agrees with him and tells them that they did so much for Sonakshi even though she is not their family member. She says to them that Sonakshi is Yash’s responsibility. She goes to Preeta and asks her to not feel gulity. Preeta tells her that they are somehow responsible for Sonakshi’s accident. Sarla tells her that it was an accident and no one is responsible for it. Karan asks them to stop arguing and they should leave.

Doctor comes there and informs Luthra’s that now Sonakshi is fine and he shifted her to ICU and she needs proper care and rest from now on. He tells Preeta that Sonakshi want to talk to the latter alone. Srishti asks Preeta to not meet Sonakshi. Kareena tells Preeta that Sonakshi will do emotional blackmail. Preeta tells her that Sonakshi’s talks won’t affect her and moves from there. Sarla thinks that Sonakshi may decide to stay in India for Pihu and she moves from there. Rakhi and Karan follows her.

Preeta enters the ICU and tells Sonakshi that the latter will become fine. Sonakshi cries saying that she don’t have anyone to care about her. She thanks her for saving the life. She praises her and asks her to not inform Yash about the accident. Preeta asks her that then who will take care of her. Sonakshi tells her that she will stay in any hotel.

Rakhi asks Sarla that what is bothering the latter. Karan asks Sarla that why the latter seems tensed. Sarla tells them that she is worried about Preeta. Karan asks her to not worry about Preeta because he will take care of Preeta. Rakhi tells Sarla that she is also Preeta’s mother so she will take care of her daughter.

Kareena tells Mahesh that they should leave without wasting time. Srishti and Sherlyn agrees with her. Karan tells them that no one want to meet Sonakshi so they can leave now. Preeta comes out of the room and asks Karan to proceed Sonakshi’s discharge. She informs him that Sonakshi don’t want to inform anything to Yash. She tells him that Sonakshi needs their care now so they can’t leave Sonakshi in this condition.

Karan asks her that what the latter want to say. Preeta suggests to take Sonakshi to Luthra house. Karan gets angry and leaves from there. Kareena tells Preeta that they can’t tolerate Sonakshi in Luthra house. Sarla asks Preeta to not do this because the latter doing wrong. Rakhi gives permission to Preeta. Preeta thanks her and assures others that they won’t face any problem because of Sonakshi.

Later Preeta helps Sonakshi to lay on the bed. She gives the mobile to her and leaves the room. Sherlyn decides to know the intention of Sonakshi and enters the room. Sonakshi asks Nurse to leave. Sherlyn tells her that why it looks like there is storm going on in her mind and asks her to leave Luthra house. Sonakshi tells her that the latter is afraid of her because the latter knows that she can save Preeta from the latter’s attacks. She says to her that Preeta is like her big sister so she will protect her. Sherlyn tells her that she was talking about Karan, Preeta and Pihu. Sonakshi tells her that she want to get some rest now. Sherlyn nods at her and leaves the room.

Episode ends.

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