Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2020 Written Update: Karan lies to Rakhi to save Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Krithika teases Karan and Preeta and says they are newly married couple so they should romance in any romantic place and suggests Rakhi to send them for honeymoon. Karan says she become mad and leaves from there. Rakhi tells Preeta to sit saying she wants to talk to her and gives something to her saying she got in the sofa and says she very well know who is owner of this.

She says she gave good upbringing to her both sons and she is explaining her because she knows that Preeta is more mature and says ego should not come in between any relationship. She says always relations should win against ego. She says it’s not like what Rakhi thinking and was about to say they are good friends. Rakhi asks does she wants to spend time with him. She recalls the moments she shared with him but denies to her. Rakhi caught her lie and says she understood her and tells her to continue her work. She calls Sameer. Kareena says she saw that Mahira was about to mix salt in the tea made by Preeta so everyone can insult her.

She asks why Sherlyn didn’t stopped her. Rakhi books honeymoon suit in manali for Karan,Preeta with the help of Sameer. She says it’s secret and tells Sameer,Krithika to not tell anyone about it now. Mahira apologize to Kareena saying she knows that she was about to do wrong but she didn’t had any other choice. She says Karan also not supporting her so she is not understanding what to do and really wants to die and cries.

Kareena says she knows that Mahira hates Preeta and she also hates Arora’s and wants to insult Preeta. She says if they mix this salt then everyone will get to know that Mahira is behind this but they has to do something so Rakhi can scold Preeta. She tells them about what she saw yesterday night and says if Rakhi gets to know about this then she will scold Preeta and leaves from there. Karan teases Preeta saying he doesn’t have towel so coming out naked from washroom. She closes her eyes hearing him. He comes out wearing bathrobe and continues his teasing. She realises that he is wearing bathrobe and scolds him for lying to her and also torturing her like this.

Girish comes there and says Rakhi called downstairs to drink tea. Preeta leaves the room first. Rakhi and Sameer smiles talking sign language. Sherlyn notices them and tells Mahira that seems like something wrong going to happen. Mahira tells her to not speak negatively because it’s their day.

Kareena was about to tell Rakhi about yesterday’s incident but Karan interferes and says he knows that what she is going to say. He says yesterday he locked Preeta in the room and slept in the hall. Kareena shocks hearing him. Rakhi scolds him for his immature behaviour. Kareena tells her to not scold him. Rakhi apologize to Preeta on behalf of Karan. Sameer tells her to announce the surprise. Rakhi gives manali tickets to Karan and says he and and Preeta leaving tomorrow for their honeymoon.

Episode ends.

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