Kundali Bhagya 15th January 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn and Mahira hires a goon to kill Preeta

Episode begins with Sarla says till Sristy didn’t reached home and she didn’t pick her calls too.

Preeta comes there and Sarla asks did anyone disrespected her in luthra’s house? Preeta assures Sarla and says everyone talked with her nicely. Sarla says seeing Preeta’s happy face she believes that nothing wrong happened in luthra’s house. Preeta says she have to go tomorrow too check Dadi. Sarla hesitates to give permission but Preeta convince her saying it’s important to go.

Karan while returning from Preeta’s house recalls his and Preeta’s moments and smiles. He reaches his home and happily dance with his one of the staff and goes to his room. Mahira comes to Sherlyn’s room and says Karan and Preeta talking with each other normally and says she can’t see them together.

Mahira says she is ready for Sherlyn’s plan and says she just wants to remove Preeta from Karan’s life. Sherlyn smirks hearing Mahira and says Mahira took right decision. Mahira asks about Sherlyn’s plan. Sherlyn says they can’t execute the plan alone and they need someone’s help and says she knows who can help them. Mahira says it should looks like accident instead of murder and says she will console Karan after Preeta’s death.

Sristy asks Preeta about that shopping bag but Preeta lied to her and says she doesn’t know about any bag. Sristy blackmails Preeta that she will ask to Sarla. Then Preeta says it was given by Karan. Sristy teasingly says she knews that just wanted to hear from Preeta. Sristy thinks today Preeta seems very happy and prays to God for her happiness.

Sherlyn and Mahira comes to meet one guy and Sherlyn gives money to him. They plans with him about Preeta’s accident. He says he will hit Preeta by his truck. Sherlyn and Mahira goes from there.

Preeta gets ready to go to luthra’s house. Sarla complaints about Sristy to Preeta and says she doesn’t do any household works. Preeta goes from there and Sarla gets worried thinking about Preeta’s safety. She thinks Kareena, Sherlyn and Mahira can hurt Preeta.

Mahira asks Sherlyn she have many reasons to do this but why Sherlyn doing this? Sherlyn says she will tell about that some other day. Mahira says Preeta can go any extreme level to get Karan and says she can’t see them together. She says like this she have many reasons to hate Preeta and asks why Sherlyn hates Preeta? Sherlyn says her husband loves Preeta. Mahira asks Rishab loves Preeta? Sherlyn says her first husband loves her. Mahira took that as a joke. Sherlyn thinks she told the truth but Mahira didn’t believed her.

Episode ends.