Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2022 Written Update: Preeta slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Arjun asks Rakhi that why she is supporting him when she knows that he is wrong. Rakhi tells him that he is like Karan. And she knows that his intention was not wrong. Preeta tells Rakhi that they should leave. She says that they can’t trust Arjun and they should stay away from him. Kareena tells Arjun that he did wrong. Dadi asks Arjun that why he did that. Mahesh says that, that was their bad memory and Arjun made them feel the pain again.

Arjun reminds them that this party dedicated to Karan so he don’t think that he did anything wrong. Guests agrees with him. He tells Luthras that they should not have reacted like this. He adds that they can’t ignore the fact that bad incidents also happened in Karan’s life. He asks to switch on the music and moves from there. Guests asks Rishabh to control his emotions and not leave the party. They defends Arjun.

Arjun drinks alcohol. Rakhi comes there. He asks her that if she is staying because Preeta leaving with others. She asks him that why he is angry. She says that no one leaving the party. She adds that they understood that he did this skit for Karan’s fans and not to insult them. He tries to leave but she stops him. She asks him that why he is leaving when she is talking to him. He moves from there and he collides with Mahesh. He hugs him and cries. Mahesh asks him that if the latter got hurt. Arjun leaves from there without saying anything. Mahesh asks Rakhi that what happened to Arjun. Rakhi tells him that she is not understanding anything.

Anjali tells Arjun that Luthras are not leaving. She notices his tears and she asks him that what happened. He tells her that Rakhi put her hand on his cheek and Mahesh hugged him and he wanted the time to stop. He says that his family is with him but everyone hates him except his parents and Rishabh and Preeta are responsible for this. He adds that Preeta made him alone. He sees Preeta and he says that he never saw a girl like Preeta.

He goes to Preeta and calls her as Mrs. Karan Luthra. He apologizes to her and he calls her as Mrs. Rishabh Luthra. He asks her to dance with him. He says that her image will be ruined if others noticed hate for him in her eyes then. He adds that she is disrespecting him by not appreciating his efforts. He asks her to dance with him for Karan and Karan’s fans. Luthra ladies convinces Preeta to dance with Arjun.

Arjun backhugs Preeta while dancing. He asks her about Karan. She slaps him. Rishabh comes there and asks her that what happened. She tells him that Arjun asked a personal question to her and his behaviour was weird too. Rishabh holds Arjun’s collar and he warns him to stay in limits. Arjun tells him that he knows his limits.

Rishabh lashes out at him. He says that Arjun don’t deserve to keep Karan’s cricket properties with him. He takes Preeta from there. Rakhi tells Arjun that he did wrong or else Preeta would not have slapped him and leaves from there. Arjun goes to his room and breaks the things in anger. Anjali asks him to calm down. He tells her that Preeta slapped him because he exposed her true face. He says that he can’t stay silent until he gives a befitting reply to Preeta.

Episode ends.

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