Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2021 Written Update: Preeta reveals the name of Akshay’s murderer to Karan

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house
Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house

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Episode begins with Deepali informs Prithvi that Sherlyn’s check up going on and asks him to wait for sometime and goes upstairs. Prithvi enters the house and Kritika shocks seeing him and he also shocks seeing her. She asks him that if he is Sherlyn’s husband. On the other hand, Karan says to Rakhi that he wants freedom because just today he came out of jail. She tells him that he can take rest how much he wants but he is not allowed to leave his room. She asks Preeta to stay with Karan to take care of him and never leave him alone.

She calls Srishti and asks her to come to Karan’s room. Karan asks her that why she is calling Srishti now. She tells him that she has reason for that. Srishti comes there. Rakhi asks Srishti to watch Karan 24/7 and the latter should not let him leave his room no matter what. Srishti tells her that she will lock the door from outside and Karan can knock the door 3 times if he wants something then.

She and Rakhi leaves the room and locks it. She asks Rakhi to send Sameer because she will get bored. She teases her and agress to send him. She hugs her then thanks her for bringing Karan to the house. Srishti says to her that the latter need not to thank her. Other side, Sherlyn learns that Deepali is Kritika’s friend and Kritika waiting downstairs. Deepali informs Sherlyn that now Kritika would have met Sherlyn’s husband.

Karan says to Preeta that he is not understanding that what happened to Rakhi because he can’t stay like this for life long. Preeta tells him that it’s Srishti’s mistake too and she gets over excited in these kind of matters and she knows that he want to surrender himself to Police. He teasingly tells her that she became smart. She tells him that she was smart always. He tells her that after marriage only she became smart.

She tells him that because of him she become mad. He confesses that he used to like her since beginning that’s why he didn’t wanted her marriage to happen with Prithvi. She asks him that did he wanted to marry her. He gets serious suddenly and talks about his punishment and asks her to confess her feelings.

She gets emotional hearing him and tells him that she also liked him. He laughs at her saying that he knows that she was his psycho fan. She gets angry for making fun of her. He tells her that he really wanted to know that how she used to feel for him. Then she reveals to him that Sherlyn is Akshay’s murderer.

Kritika asks Prithvi that what is he doing there. He tells her that he came to meet her. She tells him about Sherlyn. He tells her that he don’t know that Sherlyn is there and asks her to not cry saying that he came to surprise her. Deepali tells Kritika that Prithvi is not Sherlyn’s husband. Prithvi tells Kritika that she didn’t trust him and acts like he is upset and leaves the house. Kritika follows him. Sherlyn comes downstairs and leaves the house.

Mahira tells Srishti that she want to meet Karan. Srishti stops her. Mahira pleads Sameer to let her meet Karan once. Srishti sees Pammi and complaints about Mahira saying that Mahira wants to disturb Karan. Pammi says to her that she will handle Mahira and lies to Mahira about her father. Mahira gets afraid and runs towards her room. Pammi follows her.

Episode ends.

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